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Instructor internship
sofia-helden300x225After completing her SSI instructor course with Big Blue in October, Sofia wisely decided to do an internship with us too, and she's almost finished it. Just one or two more courses and she'll be signed off as a highly competent SSI dive professional. The instructor course qualifies you to be able to teach SSI courses, but the internship will quite simply make you a much better dive instructor. During the internship you will shadow one or two Big Blue instructors, in order to learn how courses are run and pick up some essential skills, such as how to look after your students effectively underwater, and how best to impart the information they need to know to become good divers. We also drill into you exactly what needs to be taught at what stage so that SSI standards are fully adhered to on all courses- something we are very strict about.
On the first course you'll just observe how your mentor teaches. On the second course you will maybe teach some academics and lead one or more dives. With each course you sit in on, you will take over more and more aspects of it until, when your mentor feels you are ready you will teach an entire course on your own, and the mentor will be the one in the background observing how you do it. You will get constant advice and feedback from your mentor at every stage of your internship. When the mentor feels you are ready they will sign you off, and away you go, teaching courses and earning money!
After completing an open water course this morning, Sofia is now busy consolidating everything she has learned, as the next course she teaches will be all her own work, with mentor Rick not having to say or do anything, the lazy sod! She's worked hard, and her timing is perfect; she'll be teaching her own courses just in time for high season in December, and any dive school will be lucky to have her.
If you're interested in becoming a diving instructor, or are maybe already a PADI or BSAC instructor and want to be able to teach SSI, contact our instructor trainer Simon Garrity here. If you'd like to teach BSAC, contact our instructor trainer James Foleher here.

Creepy crawlies
We seem to have quite a few Koh Tao residents walking around at the moment with inexplicable bites that they've received from some unknown insect. This is probably related to it being Monsoon season, greater than average rainfall brings them into our homes more than for the rest of the year, The culprit could be one of a few different insects, most likely a spider. Certain spiders will bite, which is not very painful- you may not even notice you've been bitten, but the area may go red, swell a little and become infected. Get yourself off to the medical centre to get it sorted out properly. There are two main species of centipede on Koh Tao, the black ones with small legs (about 10cm long) are harmless, but the bigger ones that are red in colour and up to 30cm long can give you a very very painful bite. Again not dangerous unless you have an allergic reaction to the poison, but maybe best to get yourself checked out anyway. Finally, the scorpions we get here are usually very small, about 3 or 4cm long, and black or brown in colour. They will sting you quite readily, but although painful (as much as a wasp sting), it's not dangerous.
So at this time of year it's probably a good idea to be a little more vigilant, have a look around your room, check your bedsheets and bash your shoes before putting them on. If you're walking in long grass look where you're walking and maybe wear trousers and shoes if you're going for a wander in the jungle. Just remember you're in Asia!

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