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December 5th 2013

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Professional dive-bums
DMTsWhy do we have so many divemaster trainees (DMTs) at the moment? It's supposed to be coming to the end of quiet season and we have almost 50 people learning to become dive professionals with us. There are probably a multitude of answers as to why, but I suspect that good news also travels fast. We always seem to get glowing reviews from our newly graduated divemasters on trip advisor, and their friends can see all the fun they've been having via facebook, which must have an effect on them as a few of our current crop came here because their friends were already doing their training with us! The reason people enjoy our DMT programme so much is because we don't want to take your money and get you in and out quickly. Instead we want to train you properly to become the best diver you can be. To do this we have a team of very experienced instructor mentors that will guide and advise you every step of the way. You'll also shadow our full-time divemasters as they take our fun divers out to the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand.
There's also an element of flexibility with the internship; although we expect you to do lots of diving and spend as much time as possible with your mentors, we also want you to have fun, get to know your fellow DMTs and explore Koh Tao- it is a tropical Island after all! By the time you've finished all your training, you will be ready to start earning money as a professional divemaster, with the ocean being your new office. Just don't forget to get on trip advisor and review your experience for all to see.. For more information about the divemaster training programme, have a look on the website and send us an email.

Mai pen lai!
With the political protests ongoing in certain areas of Bangkok, it's understandable that people may be weary about travelling to Thailand at the moment. However, the British Government's foreign and commonwealth overseas website currently states that Bangkok is safe to travel to, and is advising that people just avoid certain areas of the capital at the moment. Bangkok is a huge city, and the epicentre for travellers, Khao san road is not where the protests are taking place. The rest of Thailand is completely unaffected by the current situation- in Koh Tao you wouldn't know anything was going on at all, it's still the same old tropical paradise where time seems to slow down. The buses to Chumphon from Bangkok leave from Khao san road anyway, and you could always fly down to Chumphon or Koh Samui from Bangkok airport. So in summary don't let it bother you, carry on with your plans and you'll be fine. Stiffen that upper lip, and get yourself down to Koh Tao. You'll be as oblivious as us with all that diving to do!

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