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December 7th 2013

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Getting the best out of you
open-waterTeaching an open water course at the moment has reminded me of what you need to bring with you when you want to learn how to dive. The people i'm teaching at the moment are interested, alert, and full of questions, but more importantly they have brought with them the right attitude- they want to learn. This really came through today in the pool when they put into practice what they've been taught and picked it all up really well.
You'd think that much would be obvious; they've already decided that they want to learn how to dive and have paid money to do the course, so it makes prefect sense that they should put in some effort so they can be as good divers as possible. Like anythng in life, if you work to improve on something, you will improve- simple. Diving instructors can work wonders with people who are new to the underwater world, we get people who are terrified of fish, claustrophobic, agoraphobic, afraid of sharks (we don't get them here), the list goes on. Yet we are consistently able to not only get people past their fears, they even end up falling in love with diving. We can work with you to help you through any learning difficulties you have, and show you every step of the way what you need to do to improve to the point where you are competent enough to receive your certification. However, very very occassionally we get people starting the course that assume that they have to just go through the motions to receive their certification and make zero effort- pretty disheartening from an instructor point of view. A good example is people looking at their mobile phones when we are giving them important information. This is obviously not going to help them become good divers. Some people have a little difficulty getting to grips with some aspects of diving, perhaps in the pool, and just give up before they have really even tried. This is very frustrating for instructors as we know we could get them certified and enjoying diving. If only those people would push that little bit further to get through their initial problems. We know better than most that everyone has a different learning curve, and people pick things up in different ways. I don't know any instructor at Big Blue that wouldn't be prepared to spend as much time as it takes with someone to get them through to becoming confident and happy underwater, but it's a two-way process, and it really can be fun at every stage!
At the end of the course when they're watching themselves having a great time underwater, people often say to us "thankyou for being so patient", as by the end of the course they know what they would have missed out on if they'd just given up early on.. so don't! When you turn up to do your open water course, have some faith and trust in your instructor (we know what we are doing), push yourself a little, and get involved in the learning process. The rewards are amazing and will last you for the rest of your life.

Busy season
Not long now, the whole of koh Tao is gearing up for the start of busy season again. as of the middle of December it's going to get crazy no matter where you decide to dive or stay. If you're not diving you will still struggle to find accommodation if you haven't booked anywhere. I cannot recommend strongly enough that if you want to dive at Big Blue, you need to make a booking on our website. It's not uncommon for people to just turn up on the Island and find themselves sleeping on the beach. You won't be cold but you will be lunch for the mosquitos!
When it gets busy there's a great buzz to the place with the hussle and bussle of people walking down the main road in Sairee. The smell of food eminating from the street vendours fills the air and everyone is clearly enjoys just wandering around and taking everything in. In the daytime the Sun lovers come out to fill Sairee beach, and there are all sorts of shops selling anything from snorkeling equipment to Thai souveniers all over the place. There are also plenty of places to chill out with a beer or coctail on the beach, get a massage, or, if you're feeling really experimental, go diving! It's going to be busy pretty much until April, so remember to pack your dancing shoes, cocktail dress, and your booking email!

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