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December 9th 2013

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Plan your trip properly!
advanced-adventurerMany people travelling around Asia will add Thailand to their itinary, and more often than not, this will lead to them venturing down to Koh Tao. The problem is, they leave Koh Tao until the very end of their visit. How is that a problem I hear you say? I don't really, as that would imply having voices in my head, which may be true but I would never admit to it on here... again. It's a problem for one simple reason. People learn how to dive and only allow themselves just enough time to get the open water course finished. Well, isn't that what they came to do? Yes indeed, but the vast majority of people who do learn to dive just want more and more, and if they'd only allowed themselves 2 extra days, they would be able to take their diving much further by doing the advanced course. I've just taught two open water courses- 9 people in total, and they all loved it and really wanted to do their advanced, but were all leaving straight after to get the plane home.. what a bummer.
If you thought you'd had a good time on the open water course, the advanced course will probably blow your mind. It's 5 dives with a different theme to each dive. Each dive focuses on a different area of diving to make you a more rounded diver with way more confidence in your ability than when you finished the open water course ( I think I just broke the record for the number of times dive, dives, and diver can be used in a sentence). You will learn the basics of underwater navigation and be given lots of tips on how to improve your buoyancy. You'll also go on a deep dive to 30 metres and learn the correct procedures for ascending safely. Navigation and deep you have to do, but you can then choose to do a night dive (the closest feeling you'll ever get to being in space), a fish identification dive, a computer dive, or a wreck dive; the HTMS Sattakut; it was a US Navy landing craft infantry ship, and was involved in 3 battles in world war 2 before being bought by the Thai Navy and donated to Koh Tao in 2011 to act as an artificial reef. It's also the nearest dive site to Big Blue!
The best bit is that on the open water course you are not alowed to have a camera with you- you need to be focussing on yourself. But with the advanced you can rent a camera, or take your own and snap away to your heart's content! We all know that one of those shots will be your next facebook profile picture. Following your open water course, 5 more dives will really start to shape you into a relaxed and confident diver, and you'll probably want to keep diving for the rest of your life- the statistics don't lie!
So give yourself a bit more time for your trip to Koh Tao, enjoy the open water course and then really enjoy the advanced course! I promise you will agree with me, but you'll have to do it to know that..

No more custard sandwiches
Not really big news for Koh Tao, but kind of news for Sairee, the 7-11 behind Big Blue is no more. It closed it's doors on Saturday, and will never open again. I don't know why it closed, or what will replace it, there are rumours that it is being knocked down and something else will appear in it's place, but only time will tell. If it does get knocked down, you need to be aware that the mess that you will see when you first drive into Big Blue does not mean that you will regret getting on the Big Blue taxi! Yes there will be a building site right in front of our resort, but it is the back entrance (sort of); once the taxi has pulled up into the Big Blue car park, just keep your faith for another 30 seconds, and once you start walking past the equipment room toward the beach and the office, you'll see that we have a great little spot on Sairee Beach. You won't hear any pneumatic drills or whistling builders from our restaurant, or see anything beyond beautiful blue skies and the shimmering ocean ahead of you. The place has an amazing vibe that you'll only get from being in amongst it.
So having said all that, lets pause for a moment and lament the fact that we will no longer be able to get any of that delicious 7-11 food, like microwaved pork balls, microwaved sausages, microwaved gyoza, and all the other "that cannot be good to put in your body" stuff that they sold so much of. Personally, i'm going to miss the beeping noise that went off anytime anyone walked through the doors. But before you weep too much, think about how many less plastic bags, spoons and straws will be sold and end up in the ocean... hurrah! But then again, you'll just have to walk 100 metres to the 7-11 on the main road... booo!

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