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Xmas dive pro's
SSI-instructor-trainingAnother intrepid bunch of divemasters are taking the plunge this month to become SSI instructors with our very own instructor trainer Simon Garrity. I only used the word instructor twice in that sentence, maybe I should have called Simon the instructor's instructor, as he's an instructor that instructs instructors.. Anyway, he's taught a lot of instructors their instructing skills... Andy, Ryan, Katherine and Mike began their instructor training course yesterday by being presented with tonnes of homework to prepare them for the next two weeks. The course is intense but also great fun, and combines theory presentations with practical sessions in the pool and the ocean, to prepare the candidates for tutoring students effectively. When I say intense I don't mean it's the most difficult thing in the world ever, I mean it's pretty relentless; every day they will have to give a presentation on some aspect of diving, and they will be assessed on how they teach the skills that need to be learned in order to become an open water diver.
Essentially, the current bunch of human candidates will be eating, sleeping, breathing and sleepwalking diving for the next two weeks, so as to prepare them for the Instructor Exams (IE), which involves some bigwig from SSI coming over to assess whether they cut the mustard enough to teach.. even though mustard is a paste and will not cut evenly.
Once they all pass with flying colours- and they will, they will embark on an internship with Big Blue, whereby they'll shadow an instructor to learn how courses should be taught properly. Once they have proven themselves able to teach to our high standards, they will be free to go off and earn wonger wherever they find themselves on planet Earth.
Wherever that may be, their job will not involve boardrooms, flow charts, shirt and ties, or watercoolers in any way, shape, or form. Unless that watercooler is on a dive boat somewhere nice and tropical. If you'd like more information on SSI dive professional training, have a look on the bigbluepro website and contact Simon.


Fighting fit
luke-white-mma-starKoh Tao seems to have gone a little bit fitness mad over the last couple of months, two new gyms have sprung up that provide weight training, boxing, pilates, and mixed martial arts training. Some of the Big Blue staff have realised that their mental image of themself as bronzed and toned adonis's is actually utterly false, and they look more like an albino shrek looking at themself in a hall of mirrors- Luke has a fat back, which no amount of jogging on the spot will remove.
But last night a group of Big Blue instructors (and one videographer) attended their first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class, halfway between Mae Hadd and Sairee on the main road. It's the fastest growing sport in the world and the dude that's teaching it knows his stuff. In the coming days no doubt there will be talk of competing professionally in the UFC, in between not being able to lift their arms or walk normally, and talk in the bar will be of guards, side mount transitions and ground and pound (and you thought never ending dive talk was boring). But lets see how many of them are still doing it in a year's time.. Either way, it's no bad thing getting them off the evening beers. Their gain is the bar's loss. Maybe one day they will be able to take their rash vests off on the boat without scaring all our customers away!    

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