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December 17th 2013

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Photogenic farang
Phil-fishladLooks like the boss will need to add a new category to the staff awards at the Christmas staff party this year- namely weirdest photo ever taken of a Big Blue employee. But that would probably be a pointless exercise as the award would hands down go to divemaster Phil "Fishlad" Smith. Lets be honest, any photo of him would look odd, but this one is truly magnificent for capturing the essence of a man on viagra, with no neck, suddenly realising that he's playing football instead of his preferred game of netball.
The match responsible for Phil's weird moves was a friendly between a ferrel bunch of Big Blue divemasters, instructors and divemaster trainees (DMTs), versus some of our Burmese staff. It's fair to say that the Burmese destroyed them in their first match. But after a couple of minutes of soul searching, they set to work diligently discussing tactics in the Big Blue bar, and got rid of any dead wood- that's right, they sent Neil back to the UK. Since then their performance has steadily improved to the point where they're not just holding their own without utter humiliation, they're actually winning!
They have to face two teams, the Burmese staff from Big Blue one and Big Blue two. The BB1 boys are pretty nifty on their feet, but the BB2 team are the A-listers. When faced with BB2 for the first time, they may as well have played a team comprising all the best players to have ever lived, Pele, George Best, er, Eddy the eagle Edwards? I don't follow football- you may have gathered that, but I do know that the wannabe champions have improved massively in a short amount of time to be able to beat BB2. I guess they had to when they knew that Big Blue videography and SSI instructor candidate Andy (a professional photographer) were documenting their every move. So where next for team Farang? I guess they could try and get a proper league going and aim to be Koh Tao Champions, but in the meantime they really should start weaning Phil off the viagra and see if he still looks THAT ridiculous..

Chrimbo on Koh Tao
How are you going to be spending your Christmas this year? Pickling your liver in the lead up to having a big family gathering on Christmas eve or Christmas day? On Koh Tao there are two types of Christmas, the one the travellers, backpackers and holiday makers will be having- probably to get away from the usual festivities, and the one the locals will be having. We will be working as normal, as people for some reason decide that they want to go diving on Christmas day- weirdos! But the lucky ones that aren't scheduled to be working will be having drinks with whoever else is not working, and some kind of Christmas dinner, be it on Christmas eve, Christmas day or boxing day. The one thing that will probably be the same between locals and holiday makers is that there will be time spent on Sairee beach sunning themselves- have a go at that anywhere in the US, Canada or Europe at the moment...
Bizarrely, the people that have come here want a nice tropical beach xmas, and the ones that live here probably miss the idea of snow and log fires and all that malarky. One thing's for sure, it'll be a very chilled out xmas no matter what you do, as there won't be any food to cook or washing up to do!

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