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December 21st 2013

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Christmas video
iain300x225Wayne from Big blue video has been running around like a tramp in a chip factory over the last few days, as it's that time of the year where all the staff give their own Christmas message to the camera for inclusion in the Christmas video- to be played at the staff party on the 22nd. The xmas video is a great opportunity to look back over the year, remember any staff that have moved on to different pastures, and replay some of the bloopers from the open water videos.. of which there will be many. Instructor Luke's usual message is to be repeatedly filmed looking at the camera with utter contempt in his eyes, whilst saying nowt, over and over again. It's one of those "you had to be there" moments, but it is highly amusing. Though I've heard that he's shunned even that this year, as he's feeling even more jaded and miserable than normal, probably because Neil is not here for him to beat up at his mma session.
With the videographers we've got at the moment, we're expecting great things from this year's video, even though they don't have a huge vault of footage to play with as we took over control of our videos fairly recently. But i'm sure we'll still see some pretty ridiculous stuff from instructors, divemasters, and customers alike. What we're all really looking forward to however, is Rich's speech.. There's no way in the world it could possibly top last years! The Big Blue xmas staff party will be on the 22nd and it's a big night. So if you want to watch the best of 2013 video, get yourself there- early preferably as I've no idea what time it will be played!

Day glow xmas
As predicted, Koh Tao has gotten distinctively busier since the full moon party on koh Panghan the day before yesterday. Hoards of weary party goers have been gradually making their way here to chill out a little and do some diving... That is, once they can remember who they are. They've not been helped by some of the ferries being cancelled because it's a little choppy out in the Gulf of Thailand currently, but that's not really affecting us here in terms of the dive sites that we are visiting. No doubt in the coming days there will be more day glow clothing on display, which you can either view as really Christmassy, or utterly un-Christmassy, depending on your level of color blindness. Either way, this Xmas is looking like being a rather busy one. The more the merrier I say.


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