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January 21st 2014

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Watch now, buy later
big-blue-videoA friend of mine came to Koh Tao recently to see me, and he came up with an idea that I think is pretty good. In case you don't know, if you come to Big Blue to learn how to dive, we will film you during your final two dives of your open water course. That afternoon, the Big Blue videographer edits the footage and puts it to music. Then the instructor meets their students in the bar that evening and they watch the video together. It's a perfect way to review what the students have achieved, see how beautiful the underwater world is, and celebrate becoming open water divers. The students have the option to buy the video, and many people do so- It's a fantastic way to show their friends and family what they were up to on Koh Tao, and it's good to watch every now and then to remind them of what a great time they had at Big Blue.
Many people are travelling on a budget, and simply can't afford to buy the video, even though it is pretty cheap. So how about 6 months after they've left Koh Tao, we email them to say that they still have a chance to buy the video? Maybe they have settled back to life and they want to be reminded of their time here, or perhaps they've been working hard and managed to get some money behind them so they can now afford it. I think it's a great idea and I think many people would go for it. Who knows, being stuck in the 9-5 and then seeing what they were doing 6 months ago might spur people on to get itchy feet again and see a bit of the world, and that can't be a bad thing! If there's one thing people seem to be crazy about these days, it's having lots of options and choices.
I think it's got legs, but what do you think? If you did your open water course with us, do you think it would have been beneficial to be able to buy the video later, after you'd returned home? Let us know on our facebook page.

"Music" on Koh Tao
There's currently a two day electronic music festival happening on Koh Tao, which is brilliant news if you like partying for two days and nights, and also happen to enjoy listening to electronic music. Not so good if you live next door to it, you're old, and the constant bass reminds you of trying to sleep when working on an oil rig- trust me, it sounds pretty damn similar. Maybe i'm getting old, or maybe I don't want to hear a million car alarms going off next to my house for the next two days, but it seems as Koh Tao gets more and more popular, the nightlife is turning into a mini Koh Panghan. This Island is really missing one thing- a vibrant live music scene. It's the perfect venue to be having loads of bars with live bands playing every night, but for some reason most places along Sairee beach just seem to play the same old crappy house/drum and bass or whatever the hell it is. Big Blue bar is the only place I know that plays normal music of all genres. Ok, perhaps Banyans does too (on the road up to Jitson). There is a serious opportunity for someone who's in the know in the music business to get some bands over here to promote their wares. That's something I know I'd be up for, and so would many people I know. Now, do I put my ear plugs in and get a good night sleep, but miss the morning boat because I don't hear my alarm? My open water video tomorrow night is definitely going to have a zombie feel to it..

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