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Waverunner is go!
waverunner-refurbishmentIt’s all happening here at the moment, boat-wise. It all started with our acquisition of MV Waverunner last year. We wanted to basically rebuild her, as she’s a fantastic boat but the Feng Shui was all over the place and was interfering with the captain’s chakra, or something. But seeing as it was so busy last year we had to keep using her until it was quiet enough to send her off to be refurbished, right up until November. But that process is now well underway. Big Blue’s head naval architect and most inappropriately tattooed dive instructor mini-Ant is currently in Chumphon on a jolly, I mean overseeing the work that is being done on her. First glance of the photos show her to be in a pretty sorry state (like most of Ant’s women), but actually the messiest part of the refurb has already been done. She’s been gutted back to the main structure. So now the work of building her up to how we want her can begin. 
Ant is quoted as saying “Chumphon is not very cosmopolitan is it, I mean, where the hell am I going to get my vanilla mocha-locha-chino latte from? Everyone knows that architects just sit around all day drinking coffee and playing with lego. But at least I went to see a big pretty boat in the harbour today.” The project is clearly safe in his hands. 
In the meantime, the rest of the Big Blue fleet are holding the fort- Ao Meung, Porponawa, and Big Blue. MV Banzai set sail for Chumphon yesterday for its annual service and lick of paint, so we are renting a boat while it’s gone. That means that until waverunner is back, we will have FOUR dive boats currently in use. One for the fun divers only, so they are not restricted in the dive sites they want to visit, one for the tech divers and freedivers, so they can find more challenging sites with greater depth, and two for people doing courses such as open water, advanced, and rescue diver. Most of the dive resorts on Koh Tao only have one boat to accommodate everyone on.. yet another reason to come to Big Blue.
I can only imagine how mini Ant and P’Piak, the captain of Banzai, are whiling away the evenings, swapping knitting stories and keeping each other warm.
The only other question is, when waverunner returns, shall we rename her? If so, what is she to be called? Let us know by posting on our facebook page here.

Nice view
Anyone that has visited Koh Tao will tell you that it is as beautiful a place in person as it is in a glossy holiday brochure. If you’re staying on a budget you’ll be staying somewhere in Mae Hadd in a guesthouse, or in Sairee in a hostel, and you’ll have to walk to get the view you want (not very far I might add). But if you’ve booked a luxury holiday, you’ll want luxury accommodation to go with it. You won’t have to look far to find it. If you choose Sairee, you can travel North on the main road and then turn right near the whale skeleton all the way up into the centre of the Island. All the way up means higher up. Higher up means stunning views. There are villas up in the hills that have their own affinity pools, and huge balconies to sit on whilst you take in Sairee below you and watch the Sun go down.
Alternatively you could go remote and find a holiday let on the South or East of the Island. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of Sairee and Mae Hadd, nice and quiet. Again you’ll be high up, so the views are incredible. You’ll be able to watch the Sun rise instead and be only a stone’s throw away from Tanote bay or Ao Leuk bay to service all your lounging and snorkelling needs. With Koh Panghan and Shark Island on the horizon, there are far worse places to be.
These resorts are all online, so you won’t have to google very far to get what you want.

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