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February 8th 2014

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TV show recruiting now!
bangkok-flyer-keo-filmsExciting news for all you budding films stars out there.. sort of. We’ve been contacted by a film production company that is planning to do a TV show, following various people as they visit Thailand, beginning with their arrival at Bangkok airport and presumably ending there too at the end of their trip. They are particularly interested in people that are planning to go diving, getting married, having some kind of medical treatment, taking part in a sporting event (i.e. Muay Thai, but maybe tiddlywinks too), or travelling in search of spiritual enlightenment.
They have asked for our help to spread the word as they seem very keen that at least one of the people that they film comes to dive with us (why would they go elsewhere anyway!?).
So here’s your chance to get your name in lights, handprints on Broadway, get a bit of red carpet treatment or whatever else happens in a documentary these days. One thing’s for sure, if you are picked because you want to learn how to dive, you’ll certainly get the red carpet treatment from us.
So dust off your costumes and get in touch with Keo Films by emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. just don’t forget that your mum and dad may end up watching what you’re up to!
It’s a shame they don’t want to film some of our staff as they go about their day, but then again I think the world is pretty familiar with the likes of David Brent by now. We could throw a few of our staff the film makers way though. It would be the perfect medium for Steven to prove that he really is the best divemaster in Asia (or did he say Asda?), and Guy would finally find a way to put all those financial irregularity allegations to bed. Neil could perhaps prove once and for all that he’s not Elvis, and Nick could dust off his drum & bass vinyls, which may or may not blow his cover as an SAS operative . It would all make for some cracking telly!

Not so bright but early
Getting up at silly o’clock yesterday morning to get the Lomprayah to Koh Samui, I’d forgotten about the stuff that goes on on Koh Tao to keep things running smooth for all the visitors to this amazing place. Eveything we have on the Island comes in from the mainland via the ferries. So at 5am the roads are full of cars and trucks coming off the night ferry, delivering to the local resorts and businesses. Street food vendors are firing up their cooking pans, ready to feed anyone that passes by, and those travellers that are on a tight schedule are waiting to get on the first ferry out of here so that they can fit in as much as possible on their tours of Thailand. I would love to know what is produced locally on the Island, lots of fruit and vegetables, and rainwater is collected on each building, but drinking water, furniture, metal, vehicle parts, diving consumables, household appliances, gases for cooking and cooking implements, I could go on and on. The wifi being as it is I can only assume that the data is delivered daily in actual packets…
Anyway, we’re pretty dependent here, and forget that there is a small army of people keeping everything going behind the scenes. So thanks very much, whoever you all are!

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