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February 14th 2014

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Happy buddy day
buddy-systemI guess I can't completely avoid the fact that it's Valentine's Day, but this is a diving blog so I’m hardly going to drone on about Christian Martyrs or Al Capone. But if I were to relate it to diving, the closest thing that springs to mind is the buddy system.
When you learn how to dive, one of the most important things you learn as that you never ever ever ever ever ever ever dive alone. Why not? You can't talk underwater so who cares whether you go for a nice little dive on your lonesome? Well, there are numerous reasons why not. First of all, being allegedly a social species, it's always nice to go for a dive with someone else so you can see the amazing-ness of the underwater world and relate it to someone who had the same experience. Secondly, it’s always nice to have someone looking out for you, after all, some people are more absent minded than others and easily distracted from such mundane tasks as monitoring their air supply, or wandering way off the dive site. But also, with your scuba gear you have one cylinder of air. Although scuba equipment is very reliable, you don’t want to have a problem and have to deal with it by yourself. I mean, you might get in a huff with your equipment and start sulking, and refuse to help yourself, because that regulator just has to learn... Diving with a buddy means you have two cylinders of air, two pairs of arms and legs, four regulators, two dive knives, and hopefully two brains. Always nice to have a back-up.
So the next time you go diving and your buddy just disappears off to explore , and you spent the entire dive just keeping an eye on them and trying to keep up with them, you might want to think about making friends with another diver. Just don't get carried away when you meet them and open the conversation by asking if they want to join the 10 metre club..

Table for two
It’s that time of the month again where Koh Tao winds down a little in preparation for the incoming hoards of people after the full moon party on Koh Panghan on the 15th. The timing may be perfect for those couples on Koh Tao that haven’t been very organized with regard to Valentine’s Day; they may actually get a table at the restaurant they want to eat at. Personally I’d rather go out for dinner on any other night of the year where I won’t be surrounded by other couples staring into each other’s eyes, just because the calendar has spoken.
But no doubt there will be all sorts of marriage proposals in between the poppadums and Chicken tikka masala. Maybe even without mango chutney being stuck in anyone’s teeth. Someone will usually propose marriage underwater via sign language or slate, and there’s always the chance of an underwater marriage ceremony, complete with chairs and marriage register. The usher’s role would probably be different though, there will always be an air pig in the audience so they’ll be ascent escorts so as not to disrupt proceedings. Of course this will all change if SNUBA diving ever finds it’s way onto the Island. But I digress. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Hopefully they said yes!

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