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Come on you blues
Big-blue-dolphinsAnother massive victory for the Big Blue instructor, divemaster, and DMT football team yesterday morning; 3-1 to the "Big Blue dolphins" no less. It was a very local Derby as their opponents were the Big Blue restaurant and equipment room boys. I wasn't present at any point of the game, but I'm pretty sure there would have been lots of friendly advice from the players and fans along the lines of "play it wide", "keep it", "to me, to you", and "you're on my team you idiot". Pretty technical stuff. Instructor Andy was snapping away with his camera from the sidelines and grabbed some lovely shots of the action, which you can see on our facebook page. Most endearing photo of the game goes to PADI and SSI instructor Neil, who, after probably running around for a whole 3 minutes, duly substituted himself for a nice refreshing smoke break.. lovely stuff!
The players have received a bit of a psychological boost recently by having some very fetching kits made up. Blue shorts (of course), blue tops, nicknames on the back and a lovely big dolphin on the front. A few of the players have also invested in proper football boots and shin pads, and I think there will probably be a team masseuse standing by before the next big match. The team bus has also apparently been ordered. But before they go on a national tour there'll be lots more local friendly games to enable them to further hone their craft. Of course the best bit of the entire day was having a celebration breakfast at Greasy Spoon- a local health food cafe in Mae Hadd.
So well done Simo's giants.. the weirdest line up of humans the world has seen since Sylvester Stallone's team on the film Escape to victory! 

Bacon blues
I would love for someone to explain to me why it is that the bacon on Koh Tao tastes really weird. Never anywhere on the Island have I been able to have a lovely bacon sandwich and enjoy it with a bit of Daddy's sauce or ketchup, it just tastes wrong. Yet if you go to Koh Samui bacon actually tastes normal. I often stay at a lovely hotel called Cocooning in Fisherman's village, run by ex-Big Blue instructor Dave Gatty, and you can enjoy your morning coffee with a lovely bacon butty. It's just a complete mystery why this isn't the case on Koh Tao. If anybody knows why it tastes so bad can they please inform the local butcher what they're doing wrong, as i'm dreaming of bacon way too much lately. Someone please send over a packet of frazzles from the UK!

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