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June 9th 2014

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Full Day Trip
sail-rock300x225Yesterday's full day trip was a resounding success, with lots of happy fundivers returning to land following two epic dives at sail rock and one at Southwest on the way home. The visibility was good, the fish were everywhere and the Sun was shining. Not a bad way to spend a day! We run regular full day trips on our fundiver only boat- Porponawa. It takes us wherever we want to go way way faster than any other large dive boat on Koh Tao, and it's spacious enough to enjoy the surface interval between dives, whether that involves a bit of sun worshipping or relaxing under cover. We provide a hearty breakfast and delicious Thai lunch for the trips, and as many soft drinks as you can manage. Plus, on the way home we get the chocolate cake out!
We like to have small groups for fundivers; the maximum group size with a divemaster showing you the marine life on the dive sites is 4. And, if you want to do all of the dives on nitrox, no problem, only 200baht a tank!
We alternate the full day trips between Chumphon Marine Park, Sail Rock and Angthong Marine Park, and Big Blue Tech are now running 3-day trips to Angthong Marine Park, which involves staying on one of the beautiful Islands for 2 nights!
To get on one of the trips, all you have to do is sign up in the Big Blue shop, and then get excited.. in that order!

World Oceans Day
Yesterday was world oceans day, which involved highlighting the awe-inspiring beauty of the oceans and how much we depend on them, and also getting the message across that they are under threat, which means that we are under threat. Many people just don't realise how much rubbish gets thrown into the oceans, and how much they are overfished. Our dependence on them really cannot be overstated. They generate most of the oxygen that we breathe, regulate the climate, drive our weather, provide us with food, and allow potential new medicines to be developed in the form of pharmacutical drugs harnessed from a variety of marine life. Getting people to think about these things and realise the need to conserve the oceans is vital. If more people are aware of the issues, then politicians will be more inclined to take steps to preserve them for the future.


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