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104 metre Tech Dive In Song Hong Sinkhole

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Wednesday 12th November 2014rick-hong-song

One rainy night our Technical diving manager Rick Devanney had a quiet night in front of the TV watching one of his all-time favourite movies The Little Mermaid and while Sebastian the crab was singing away about it being better down where is wetter under the sea, Rick thought he would see just how better it would be all the way down at 100 metres. So off he popped over to the mainland to visit Song Hong Sinkhole which is a 200 plus metre deep sink hole located in Thung Yai, Southern Thailand, in the middle of no-where! It is about a 3 hour drive from Khao Sok National Park which is also famous for its cave systems. Song Hong is a site for experienced technical divers and full cave divers and not for the faint hearted. Rick successfully completed a 104 metre dive. He had 5 tanks with him using advanced Trimix procedures. The dive lasted a total of 1 hour 30 minutes, with 1 hour and 10 minutes of that being decompression stops back up to the surface. Now he has his feet back on the sand of Koh Tao planning his next adventure.

We have had some familiar faces popping up in the resort recently Mama G-spot has returned from the mother land of Ireland bearing gifts of sweets: strawberry boot laces, flying saucers, black jacks, rhubarb and custard sweets ah the list goes on thanks G for the sugar rush you gave us, it’s great to have you back. We also have the Big Swede JD (Johan) who first came to Koh Tao to start his DMT a number of years ago, he is one of our longest serving Divemaster Trainees and is now back to hopefully complete his course this time. It’s always nice to see familiar faces returning to use, it’s that invisible bungee cord I mentioned before when you try and leave bringing you straight back again.

Finally as yesterday was Remembrance Day, we paid our respects in various places at 11am. Some of on boats, others on land all stood in silence to remember the fallen soldiers over the past 100 years. Thank you for those who took part in what is the 100 year anniversary of the ending of the First World War.


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