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Freediving truly breath taking

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Sunday 16th November 2014freediving

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to freedive down and hang out with the fishies with no bubbles, no equipment. Just you, a mask and fins. What is freediving or apnea diving? It is having the ability to dive whilst holding your breath, without any artificial apparatus. Freediving gives complete freedom underwater. It encourages you to ‘live in the moment’ by helping you to remain calm in the mind and truly connect to your body. A range of aquatic activities such as snorkeling, surfing, spear fishing, synchronised swimming, meditation & yoga, benefit from and, require techniques taught in Freediving.

Big Blue Freediving offer a variety of courses, with no experience required other than being able to swim! Level 1 Freediving course is an introductory course. In this course you will learn the appropriate skills and knowledge to dive safely to depths of up to 20 metres. We have complete confidence that all students can effortlessly reach 20 metres!

• theory sessions on Freediving Equipment, Physiology of Freediving, Freediving Skills and Freediving and Your Freediving Environment,
• freediving breathing techniques, for before and after diving,
• dry breath hold and relaxation session,
• dynamic apnea (horizontal under water swimming) and safety procedures,
• two (2) open water depth dives (along a secured line) where you will progressively learn about technique including adequate finning, body positioning, becoming more streamlined and carrying out safety procedures.

Sometimes due to medical reasons you may not be able to take the scuba diving certification, if this is the case freediving is another way to experience the underwater world. If you would like more information on freediving and the courses we off please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our group of Divemaster trainees have been studying hard the last few days. Physics and physiology lectures, skill demonstrations in the pool, boat skills days as well as attending some marine conservation lectures. Once all the coursework and exams are complete the course is very much hands on experience with assisting courses, leading fun dives, organising and running dive trips. It a very worthwhile course and leads to employment in possibly one of the best industries in the world! Not that we have any bias at all here, but we do have the best jobs on the best island in the world!



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