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Thursday 20th November 2014wavey

With it being our low season in the Gulf of Thailand we have sent some of our boats over to Chumphon for their yearly repairs and paint jobs ready for Christmas. With these boats being away our remaining boat has been working constantly every day starting at 6.30am and at night with advanced divers and fun divers going out on night dives. If you have ever been on our boats you will know the Captains and boat crew work tirelessly and always have a smile on their faces while they are filling your tanks and helping you in and out of the water. The instructors decided to have a whip around and bought the Captain and crew a big thank you present. The crew were clearly touched a soon tucked into to the goodies. Thank you for all the hard work Waverunner Crew kap.

This morning our advanced divers visited our local wreck HTMS (His Thai Majesty Ship) Sattakut. originally launched in 1944 the battleship was commissioned by the US Navy and was used during WW2. It was then bought by the Royal Thai Navy in 1946 and was used as a patrol boat until 2011. The Thai Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) purchased the ship with the intention of donating it to Koh Tao to act as an artificial reef, in order to promote tourism. The vessel was stripped of its engines, furniture, electric cabling and thankfully its ammunition! After being cleaned and sent to Koh Tao, it was sunk on the 18th June 2011. This wreck is now full of life boasting schools of juvenile fusiliers and barracuda, giant pufferfish, Jenkins whip rays all using the shelter from other predators. Being 30m to the bottom at the stern, this is perfect for deep dives and obviously the wreck dive option on the Advanced Course. Penetration of the wreck is strictly prohibited for recreational diver and only allowed for divers with technical dive training.

It’s a bit windy here at the moment to as a keeping up with Big Blue Health and Safety protocols we sent some monkeys up the palm trees to cut down the coconuts before they fall! Yes we have trained monkeys (also known as Nick Bufton) to cuts down the coconuts when it’s windy. Health and safety of course, if one of those lands on your head you would only know about it once you have regained consciousness! Ouch! Bonus for us though as we have free coconuts going for anyone who sees them, but make sure you get them fresh as you will go Milky Joe -coco-loco if they have gone off!


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