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Friday 21st November 2014Finding-nemo-dory-squishy

We have been noticing a few jellyfish around Koh Tao recently, nothing dangerous but still little pesky stingers. After a conversation with one of my Advanced Adventurer students after a night dive she informed me about jelly fish nappies/ diapers. Yes nappies made from the bodies of jellyfish.

The eco-friendly product is being developed by an Israeli nanotechnology start-up company, and was inspired by research conducted at Tel Aviv University that studied the super-absorbent quality of jellyfish flesh. Jellyfish nappies were found to be twice as absorbent as most brands currently on the market, and they biodegrade in less than 30 days, which means fewer nappies take up space in landfills.(Don't worry, researchers remove all the stingers first.) They are manufactured by first breaking down the jellyfish flesh and then adding antibacterial nanoparticles. The resultant raw material is being called "Hydromesh," a name that is decidedly less yucky-sounding than the stuff it's made from. The products are particularly appealing because jellyfish populations have been booming worldwide as a result of overfishing and global warming. As fisheries decline, jellyfish encounter fewer predators and less competition for resources. The gelatinous organisms are also more adaptable to global warming. Researchers warn that if trends continue, the oceans of the future will be primarily the domain of jellyfish. Whether it’s right or wrong to kill jelly fish for our use, it’s still a pretty cool idea. So there you go Squishy from Finding Nemo really is your friend.

Every day is a school day here at Big Blue even for the instructors; Alex and Ernesto have completed their Side Mount course with Phil, and are now half way through Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures with Rick waffling on about the mechanics of bubbles amongst other big technical words. Recreational diving is only one part of what diving has to offer. Learning a new set of skills keeps us on our toes and expands our knowledge of our passion even more. If you are interested in expanding our sponge like brain and learning to dive drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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