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Christmas Plans are beginning

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29th November 2014

Christmas Dinner preparations are under way. The menu is being drawn up by our very own Super Chef Scotty as I write. Turkey, lamb, pork and all the other stuff that goes with a Christmas Dinner. The decorations are being dusted off, Christmas hats are on order, and playlists are being composed. Christmas is the time of year when we really do hate the fact that we live on a tropical island, no snow, no scrapping ice off the windscreen on the way to work, no standing in the cold at bus stops. Instead we have to burn our bums on the red hot bike seats, have to deal with sand in our board shorts, spicy Thai food that makes us sweat more than we already are and beer that gets cold really quickly. It really is a hard life we lead here on Koh Tao, so please spare a thought for us at this festive time of year.

Today’s beach clean-up was a great success; we picked up litter from the top end of north Sairee back to Big Blue Resort. A tank trolley was filled to the brim with plastic straws, cigarette butts, empty beer bottles, bits of rope, polystyrene, empty plastic bottles and much more that doesn’t take a huge effort to walk an extra 20 metres to a rubbish bin. Well done Rachel for organising the clean-up and even bigger THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the beach clean-up and also the underwater reef clean up. Your free conservation bag is waiting for you.

Island news now, the road the comes from the main road down to our resort which was dug up a few years ago to fit a ‘drainage system’ that funnily enough didn’t work, that was dug up and filled it with sand which turned it into a bog of sand resulting in us having to use alternative roads to get back on to the main road. Well it has now been completely resurfaced with concrete which means we are back to having complete access from the main road again all the way down to our resort. Lets see what other bright ideas they come up with to stop water run off when it rains!


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