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Happy Birthday King Rama IX

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Friday 5th December 2014thai-king

Today is a very special day in Thailand. We celebrate the 87th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadey, also known as Rama IX. He is the longest serving monarch in the world serving for 68 years. The King’s birthday – also known as Father’s Day in Thailand – is a public holiday and Thais traditionally wear the royal yellow as a sign of devotion to the monarch, while roads are lined with royal flags. Happy Birthday. Long Live The King.

There has been a rise in Jelly fish in Thailand in the recent few weeks. While relatively harmless they will give you a nasty sting. Please be careful while you are out swimming especially with small children, use a mask and snorkel or goggles and keep your eyes peeled for the pesky little buggers. If you do happen to get stung by a jelly fish, get out of the water and remove any of the tentacles with tweezers (not your fingers), and pour vinegar over the area for about a minute, ice cubes can also help. Peeing on yourself or whoever has been stung does not work! Or buy yourself a rash vest from Drift which will cover your arms and chest up and also provide sun protection.

The Divemaster Trainees have a night out tonight at the mini golf; we have around 11 DMTs now so we use this as a team building, blow off steam evening. These guys work really hard throughout their course so what better way to treat them than to give them the night of to hit some ball around some windmills and giraffes!


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