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Underwater Shopping

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Monday 8th December 2014Xperia-AquaTech-Store

For 3 days only in Dubai Sony have opened The Xperia Aquatech concept store which lays at 4 meters underwater, you can only enter if you are a contest winner, VIP, or otherwise Sony-approved patron before you can enter the strange jellyfish-themed underwater structure. It has been opened to promote their underwater products. Yes it is only a marketing gimmick but as there are already underwater hotels why not shops. Not sure that all shops would work, I can’t see items such bread and toilet paper surviving being transported back up to the surface, maybe the way forward is a type of shopping housing using lift bags to bring them to the surface. Perfect for those remote islands where land space is an issue! So it looks like the way we shop as divers is about to change- or not!

So if you are travelling in Thailand at the moment and you’re wondering what you can do for Christmas that’s a bit different, why not come and complete your Open Water Diver course. This 4 day course will allow you to dive anywhere in the world with a dive buddy. The course includes 2 days of theory and academic sessions, a confined pool session, and 4 open water dives taking you to 18 metres. Your Instructor will guide you through the course in a relaxed and comfortable pace. The possibilities after completing the Open Water course is endless, if you decide to continue on to your Advanced Course we will continue your education with dive that really tone your dive skills and include a deep dive 30 metres, night diving, and even an intro to wreck diving. You may decide to go down the technical diving path and learn more about deco diving and mixed gases and deeper diving. Or then there is the conservation route where you can learn more about coral nursery plantations and fish and coral identification. Seriously with the planet being covered in over 70% water this is the job to be in! Drop us an email if you would like to know more This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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