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Introducing your Divemaster Team

20 Jan 2015 ="post-tag" > Written by  ="post-tag" >

20th January 2015dms

As promised the website is being updated and we have been tinkering around with our staff profiles. We have got to know them more of the months and years that they have been here so we have more abuse to give them.

So we have already met Stephen Larder, now its time for Steven, Carly and Nick.

Steven DeVelter

Self-proclaimed "Best Divemaster in the World" Steven is our Head DM. An extremely well trained diving professional having done most of his professional training with us! Steven has been our Head Divemaster for almost 27 years now and still doesn’t look like he plans on leaving anytime soon so happy is he with the joys of 12 hour days, 7 day weeks, dealing with Instructor demands, managing logistics and leading scuba divers. Consequently this might lead you to believe that perhaps Steven isn’t all there, which would actually be a very accurate observation! Italian by birth, Geordie by nature Steven has very distinctive sense of humour. Serious & professional, fun & entertaining, scarily hairy & swings both ways Steven will probably be here for another 27 years self ‘proclaiming’ with himself.

Carly Marsh

A white South African so completely racist, corrupt and filthy rich! A Gold Smith by trade! Obviously not a very good one or she wouldn't be working here! Nicknamed Prawn- something to do with that terrible South African Sci fi movie, nothing to do with a chick that has a mad body, but a bad face, (you know like when you eat a prawn, you eat the body and throw away the head!) Prawn is the hottest of our Divemaster team. She's also the smallest, ah maybe that's where the name came from! Carly is our first employed Seffrican who can speak English or at least thinks she can which results in a completely effective failure to communicate. We usually just wait for her to break into tribal dance and sing/dance/unnecessary shouting/boobies!

Nick Tringham

Another former Investment Banker who worked at Deutsche Bank then became a professional Scuba Diver once he’d managed to ruin the Greek economy and stashed away his barrels of cash! Nick works as one of our team of 4 Divemasters telling everyone else what to do while they abuse all the other members of staff in the shop. Another one of our own home-grown stash of DM’s Nick actually paid the boss over a million pounds to ensure he got the DM job here at Big Blue over all the other better trained, posh, plum mouthed, silver spooned, yuppie, toffee nosed waist coat wearing, spoilt DM types we had in the offing. 

As you can see we genuinely love our staff or at least we love insulting them, next will be our 6 Divemaster Mentors.




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