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Thursday 9th AprilGreetings-from-Thailand

Koh Tao is HOT HOT HOT right now and the diving is spectacular. The full moon rush is over so if you are planning on heading over to do some diving now is the time. The sea is as flat as a mirror and the sunsets are mouth-watering enough to have you heading to the bar after a great days diving for a cold refreshing beverage. Apart from the fact that I am sweating enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool I do have to say I love this time of year, having to add an extra 15 minutes to your walking time because you have to pop into every 7-11 and pharmacy for an air-con break!

The mass invasion of previous Big Blue staff has come to an end. The two weddings were spectacular! Congratulations for Emily and Craig and also to Hannah and Stephen, it is going to take a lot to beat that wedding! Next up will be Skui and Rod! Big Blue Babies will be launched soon. Bubble makers in the making!

The Thai New Year festival Songkran is just a few days away on the 13th April. Please be aware that travelling may be busier than usual due to this huge 2 day water fight! Be prepared to be hosed down with ice water (yes!!) and have talc put on your face as a sign of thanks. We only dive in the morning on this day so as to give our Thai and Burmese staff the afternoon and night off! It doesn’t take much to get these guys up for a party!!!!


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