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Sawadee Pee Mai everyone from a very wet Koh Tao

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14th April 2015liam songkran

So much for a hot Songkran!! The saying goes when it rains it pour it did it pour down yesterday! In celebration of the water festival the heavens opened and mother-nature soaked us all with her massive water pistol! Thankfully the buckets of ice water ran out fairly early and the best place to yesterday was in the sea as it was warm. A group of us went down to raid a few other dive schools and then returned to join in the festivities for the Thai New Year. Most of us were in bed by 6pm having partied hard with our Thai staff.

The top bods from SSI have been over to Koh Tao to help promote the new DiveSSI dive app for your mobiles and tablets. This app is really great and allows you to see your certification cards and you can do your homework and study at home as you can download the digital manuals once you have been registered, in all major languages. You can also log your dives and be kept updated on any chances with the dive community. Koh Tao is now predominantly an SSI teaching island, and Big Blue has one of SSI’s most experienced instructor trainers who has been with us here for over 15 years. We still teach PADI courses and most of our instructors are able to teach both SSI and PADI. #REALDIVING

Whaleshark soup right now and Southwest seems to be the main location for these beauties as well as Sail Rock so we are planning a full day trip on Thursday the 16th April. The full day trip includes 3 dives breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, brownies and some of the best dive guides on Koh Tao! The FDT is 3800 baht


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