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Sunday 26th April 2015earthday

To all our returning students and divers please remember that we are still alive and kicking and that we have moved location just a little further up Sairee towards the North (not quite the Great Ice Wall but the boss man Jim is our King of The North, just don’t tell him he already was killed at the Red Wedding!!) It is further away from Lotus Bar which means the we are no longer next to the nasty stinky pipe and we have a much cleaner and quieter beach. You might still spot a couple of wildlings at the other end of the beach around last orders and possible some wobbly bucket holding white walkers but we are a much more civilized bunch in the North! Ok enough Game of Thrones references now. Star Wars next…

Well done to the Koh Tao community who supported Earth Day 2015 with a huge clean up. This time instead of the usual beach and dive site clean ups we went in land and headed to the roads looking for trash. To be fair we didn’t have to look far as unfortunately the roads and drains were pretty full, in one section alone outside a dive school we will not mention we filled 17 rice bags with rubbish! Plastic was the biggest culprit, bottles and straws and bags. 2 of these items are not necessary, you do not need a straw to drink out of a can or a bottle so don’t use them, if you do for shakes and fresh coconuts throw them in the bin!!! Plastic bags may be a convenience but you do not need them. Reusable bags are all the rage now and will easily fit into your bag for when you stop off in 7-11 for an air-con break. Do you really need to put a packet of cigarettes and your toasties in a plastic bag? No!!! Just say no to straws and no to plastic bags. To go one further we at Big Blue Restaurant have started using paper straws for our shakes, which are fully biodegradable. Go Big Blue. Huge thanks to Rachel and Big Blue conservation for getting us all involved and for being part of the community clean up, we even had the local Police cleaning with us.

As the Similan season comes to an end a few of our lucky DMTs and Instructors have headed off over the Khao Lak to jump on the last trip. With whispers of mantas, turtles, ghost pipefish and seahorses let hope they all found what they were looking for. As is typical at the time of year they arrived to a massive down pour which left them no other choice but to shelter between 2 golden arches and scoff yummy processed food that wouldn’t be seen dead on Koh Tao. The Swedish vegans in the group just licked the windows as the dripping rain water tasted better than the cardboard they normally eat. Have a good trip.


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