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Dive Responsibly

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Thursday 7th May 2015WHALESHARK

The sun is bright, the weather is hot and the visibility is glorious. Whalesharks have been hanging around for a while and the resort is full of very happy divers. This is probably one of the best times of year to visit Koh Tao so instead of sitting behind your desk in your little cubicle in the job that you hate, just book that flight and get over here and share this magical island of treasures with us. Especially now, it’s not every day you get to see one of the biggest fish in the see while you are finishing off your open water course but that is what happened to some very lucky students this morning at Southwest Pinnacle.

With the sightings of whalesharks and a very bad youtube video being posted by a dive professional based in Vietnam, we at Big Blue and Koh Tao as a community would like to remind everyone that whilst diving or snorkelling you must never touch the marine life and corals. Coral may look like rocks and you may think they are strong enough for you to stand on while you are snorkelling or diving, but they are not, you are standing on a very fragile animal that has taken years to grow, they have enough to deal with having the hungry parrotfish munching on them all day. We can not ignore the pressing topic of climate change and global warming and for us as divers we sadly get to see this impact everyday. Over fishing, pollution, total disregard to an eco system that is vital to our survival. So what can you do to help, well here a just a few things..


$    1.  Be sparing with water, limit your usage in the shower, turn the water off while you lather yourself up and only turn it on to wash off the suds, even better share a shower with someone!

$    2.  Do you really need to flush EVERY time you use a toilet at home or in your hotel room? Ok I’m not telling you to leave a nasty stinking floater in the bowl for the next person to admire but remember the saying “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’.

$    3. Please put on your sun cream an HOUR BEFORE your go in the sea, the chemicals in sun cream that protect our skin actually damage to corals own sun defence system making it more susceptible  to bleaching and disease.

$    4. Say no to plastic, this no matter where you are will always eventually end up in the ocean, these end up being teeny tiny microscopic bits of plastic that the fish ingest which in turn we ingest by eating then.

$    5.  Do not touch marine life of any form. Do not touch artificial reef which include wrecks, coral nurseries and objects sunk to promote marine life.

$    6. Throw nothing into the seas except yourself. No cigarette butts, no trash, nothing!



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