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Save Koh Tao Festival Approaches

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Friday 12th June 2015save koh tao

It's getting close now. The site for the annual Save Koh Tao Festival is under construction, with stalls made from palm tree leaves and coconuts, marine animals made from recycled materials, the traditional floating jellyfish lights. Our rehearsals for the big show are well underway with nightly practices on the beach with the sun setting and a beer in the hand, without giving too much away it will involve water, jumping, dancing, dunking and shower caps! Have you guessed it? Yes we will be Big Blue's Unsynchronised Swimming Team! Costumes and props have been prepared by our DMTs, music is being mixed and edited by our videographer Barry aka Barrycuda, and the steps have been hilariously choreographed by our very own Jacqui.

The festival on 18th- 19th June is a celebration of Koh Tao and help promote awareness to conserve our environment. Full days of activities such as cycling tours, underwater and land clean ups, giant clam rehoming and baby turtle releasing, there are exhibitions and workshops on sustainable living. This 2 day festival has been running for 12 years now and we are very proud to say we have given performances for the last 6 festivals kicking it all of was Grease which led the way for other dive shops to join in, needless to say we were always the best, of course. If you are around the area be sure to come over as these two days are great. The site is opposite Big Blue so you won't have to walk very far.

We also come together as a community and have meetings with local business operators. Koh Tao is not just about diving so we work together to help keep all aspects of the islands activities running smoothly. A little bit of education goes a long way. Educating local fishermen how destructive and dangerous the nets are to divers and the reefs. Simply avoiding actual dive sites and fishing legally in other places. We respect that the island was inhabited by fishermen first and it is a joint effort to work together so everyone is happy. SAVE KOH TAO


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