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Artificial Reef HTMS Sattakut Is 4 Years Old

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Sunday 28th June 2015wreck22300x225

Sorry it has been a while since the last update the Rock has been super busy and is only going to get busier which means if you are wanting accommodation with us you really need to book in advance (not the night before you arrive) as the island is filling up fast, maybe we should order a job lot of hammocks, tents and lilos for the pool!

4 years ago on the 18th June 2011 Koh Tao witnessed the sinking of the HTMS Sattakut (LCI 742). This military ship was first commissioned USS LCI 351(Landing Craft Infantry) by the US Navy in 1944 and was used in 3 missions during World War 2:

Western Caroline Islands Operation which was to capture and occupy southern Palau Island, 6th September –14th October 1944.

Okinawa Gunto Operation to assault and occupy, 26th March – 14th June 1945

Iwo Jima Operation to assault and occupy, 19th February – 3rd March 1945

The ship was soon decommissioned and was transferred to the Royal Thai Navy around May 1947. It was renamed HTMS Sattakut LCI- 742 where it was used as a patrol boat and was used in the 2004 Tsunami rescues. She was given to the Thai Conservation Department who then gave it to Koh Tao in 2011. This amazing wreck is the most popular artificial reefs on Koh Tao. Sitting at 30m and the shallowest point at the coning tower being around 21m and being spitting distance from Hin Pee Wee allows for the end of a dive to be nice and shallow. This dive is a must for any advanced diver and Technical divers. Advanced Divers are not allowed to penetrate (go inside) wrecks as specialist knowledge is needed, but with specialty dives and technical courses entering and swimming around the inside is pretty cool!! Nearly every single advanced course we teach visits the wreck, and why not, it’s not every day you get to dive on a bit of history that is on our doorstep.

So the Koh Tao Festival was another success! Big Blues Unsynchronised Swimming Team received the biggest cheer of the two days despite having a smaller crowd than the opening night! Well done and thank you to all those who were involved with the dance/ foolery, the lifeguards for holding up the set and looking fine while doing it- Ehem! The laughing behind the curtain continued well into the night for those lucky people who weren’t diving the next day. Also a Massive thank you also must go to Big Blues Mr And Miss Koh Tao good job for getting up on stage. Plans for next year’s show are underway with a few interesting ideas floating around. Full Monty anyone? Star Wars the Musical?

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