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New Resort Nearly Ready And A Few Promotions

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Monday 13th July 2015steveo

Our spanking brand new resort is nearly ready for us to move in to, the last few fittings are being put in, the new doors and windows are on the way, so not long till we can have an official opening party, any excuse for a party is always welcome.

Not only do we have a new resort but we also have a new Dive Operations Manager. Our fearless leader Jim who has been the driving force at Big Blue for nearly 10 years has decided, with much sadness to slowly take a step back from the daily runnings of the show. He is still the Big Man in charge but our new DOM will be taking over the reigns. So without further ado everyone at Big Blue Diving would like to congratulate Steve-o our very own Yorkshire Pudding. Having proved himself over the years and being a staff and customer favourite we are all looking forward to working with him in his new role.

More promotions in store, Guy and Petra have decided to fly the nest and move onto a new adventure, this means a mentor position has been made available, a number of possible candidates were mentioned in this highly valued position and the team has decided that Tim will be joining the 6 person mentor team. Tim has more years that you would think to look at him and is super excited to be back in the professional level training programme. So another big congratulations to Tim.

While I am at it there are also few new additions to the Divemaster team. Steph the unfortunate girlfriend of our sleep walking instructor Mr Silwood and Angel, these clowns have both been around the place for years so we thought to make the place look tidy we would hide them in the shop and put them to work. I would like to say we have the hottest Divemaster team but that wouldn't be true, although Steven does work at the booking office now and Nick is on holiday, so nearly.


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