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Rough Days and Now Back To Being Smooth

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Saturday 30th January 2016january storm

We had a crazy few days when a tropical storm passed through the Gulf of Thailand last week. The waves were big, we had lots of rain and the ferries were cancelled from the main land. The tide was so high that it was all the way up in the restaurant. Then after 2 days it was all flat again and sunny as if nothing ever happened. Got to love this place. The diving was still good though despite the waves and rain.

We had rescue students doing an amazing job in some challenging conditions with waves and currents, once back on land they were physically and mentally exhausted but over a few we earned cold beers said that it was the funniest and hardest and most rewarding course they have ever done. Well done to all the rescue divers who finished in these conditions, not everywhere in the world is flat and easy when you dive. The ocean is strong and needs to be respected, but once you appreciate that it will also show you how spectacular it is and once under the waves the life aquatic is way better than on land. No fish shooting or bombing each other just nature at its finest.

Full Moon has been busy and all of our fabulous Instructors and Divemasters have been out every day, be sure to book your courses and accommodation online in advance (and please not the night before) to secure a spot. We start courses everyday but we do not have unlimited beds for sleeping in.... So book early to avoid disappointment. Remember as well, depending were you are in the world there may be a time difference and all of our staff need their beauty sleep, some of them a lot more than others, In fact some are constantly sleeping but are still just as ugly....we will respond to your requests as soon as we possibly can.

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