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DMT's join the 100th dive club in style

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Sunday 20th March 2016poker

Some of our DMTs recently had 100th dive, which is a great achievement in such a short time during their training. To celebrate this dive they decided to have a game of underwater poker.  Complete with table, chair, cards and money they dropped down and posed for a few pictures, they also followed the typical dive community tradition of that 100th dive and the proof is in the picture. Welcome to the 100 club, keep going and let’s see what you can come up with for your 1000th.

Everyone who works here has decided that March would be the best month to go on their holibobs; they thought Europe would be lovely this time of year, so they  booked it, packed it and popped off the to the airport. Meanwhile, here on the beautiful tropical island paradise of Koh Toa the weather is sweltering. The water is clear and no sign of snow or rain to be seen. But with special goodies and treats being brought back they will be forgiven for leaving the rest us to pick up the slack.

Our shop has had another update with nice shiny windows and ac, no more wind blowing the papers everywhere and the dogs are all outside sunning on the beach. No more sleeping in the ice box room for Ernie Dog.  Along with this we have added an extensive retail section ranging from our infamous t-shirts and water coolers to dive masks, dive site maps and a whole plethora of diving nik- naks. Like sweets are to children and tank banger and reels are to divers….happy shopping.DMT's

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