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11th May 2016sj simon ruth

Sorry it’s been a long time overdue. I won’t make excuses even though there are some.

What has happened since I last wrote…?

Sawadee Pee Mai everyone, Happy Thai New Year. Traditionally celebrated as a water festival, over the years instead of a gentle sprinkle of water for luck and a paste put on your face, the day has become a mass of water pistols firing ice cold water at everyone you can see who is dry. Koh Tao is no exception. The day at Big Blue begins straight away for those not working. And those that are working come back in on the morning long tails to a full on assault from all and sundry. This year we had attacks from evil super soakers who came to the boats to start the carnage, but we were ready....armed with our own water guns and ice water...mwahaha! We were lucky that the sun was out all day which melted most of the ice, unlike last year when it rained nonstop! And everyone was freezing...yes we can get cold in tropical Thailand.

This Songkran has seen the return of a few old Big Blue faces. Big Canadian Paul returned after being away for 6 years, Jo and Kelly have been back to join the festivities along with Deano and Tech Ian. As ever the conversations start as if they had never left in the first place. And a few sore heads the following morning.

We also have a few new SSI Instructors who have just started there internship, we congratulate Simon, Sjoerd (SJ) and Ruth. They passed with flying colours and a very happy Iain and Tim joined in with the celebrations. Now it’s time to go to work shadowing some of our experienced instructors on the logistics of teaching courses before they are unleashed into the diving world to start teach their own underwater babies.

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