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Welcome Back and Farewell

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Saturday 2nd July 2016dm challenge

Well what an interesting week England has had!! Out of the EU, out of the football Euros (no real surprise there though!) England did however smash the Aussies 3-0 in Australia! On the 4th July we will be starting an SSI Instructor Crossover, to celebrate your own Independence Day, a change to increase your employment opportunities and invest in your future as a diving professional. Now that we have Simo back with us you can contact him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book, we still have a few more spaces left.

We had another round of Divemasters finish up their professional training and complete their ‘optional’ Challenge. The theme was Underwater and our guests Anouk, Weikeat, Andre, Grant and Sean came dressed in fantastic costumes. With Simo being back on the mike again we were expecting some great insults and abuse and we were not disappointed, except Weikeat who is quite possibly the nicest, most lovely man you could ever meet and he just couldn’t give him abuse, so he laid into the other 4 instead!!

We are also saying goodbye to 2 of our Instructors who have been given an amazing opportunity to work at another dive centre. Mini Ant has taken on the role as Operations Manager and Tim will be his Instructor Trainer & Head Instructor. A sad day for Big Blue but we wish them all the best and good luck for the new challenges. Not to worry though they spend their time out of work in the bar here anyway so we don’t actually get rid of them completely!

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