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A true Big Blue legend...

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Celebrating 10 years of working at Big Blue Diving...
The legend that is Mr. Simon Garrity! He has actually worked for Big Blue for longer than 10 years but his year or so slumped over the bar half naked at stupid o'Clock in the morning as the self proclaimed Bar Manager is a period he can't actually remember & none of the rest of us were even here for! So the man was a Big Blue legend before he'd even properly worked in the diveshop.
Now bearing the weight of so many countless certifications behind him, Simon can confidently call himself the worlds most experienced SSI Instructor & Instructor Trainer & is an SSI Instructor Examiner as well as the leading Instructor for the highest amount of Recreational Certifications for not just Big Blue Diving, but also for the whole of SSI worldwide. Thats got to make him therefore one of the most experienced Scuba Diving Educators in the world. The Lionel Messi if you like of the football world... and Big Blue Diving... his Barcelona!

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