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What is the best Scuba Diving training agency?

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padi sdi ssi300x225There is no best scuba diving certification agency! Whether you choose scuba schools international SSI, PADI, BSAC, NAUI, CMAS, TDI or SDI instructors from all organizations should be able to teach you to become a capable and enthusiastic diver.  What may sway your decision is price & because PADI are the only agency where you are required to purchase your training materials it makes PADI the most expensive, and also the one that will add to your baggage allowance while travelling. All other agencies offer a rental service. you borrow the materials & give them back at the end of the course. But in the end, there is only one thing that lets you evolve into a great diver, and that is spending time under water, doing what you love best, be it watching fish, visiting wrecks, taking pictures or filming. The possibilities are endless!

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