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While you partied at the Full Moon, we cleaned up the beach!

15 Dec 2016 ="post-tag" > Written by  ="post-tag" >

beach clean up300x225So while everyone else is off to Koh Phangan to party the night away at this month’s legendary Full Moon Party, us hard working souls at Big Blue Diving went to Hin Wong Bay to clean up the beach. Between 18 of us we picked up over 40 massive bin bags of rubbish! Now it’s not fair to assume that is all Koh Tao’s rubbish cos it’s not. The majority of the rubbish picked up has been crap that has made its way here from the mainland thanks to the recent storms we’ve had here over the last few weeks. So do hope all you revellers out there had a great night last night but hope even more you cleaned your crap up as you partied. You know what they say, “it aint a party till everyone’s put their shit in the bin!” They say that right? Been a very long time since I partied last!

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