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Banzai returns looking all sparkly & shiney!

27 Dec 2016 ="post-tag" > Written by  ="post-tag" >

newbnz300x225Banzai, the Big Blue Diving Mothership tha we’ve been running now for almost 20 years just got back from her annual hair do. Every November December we send all our boats away to the boatyard spa. A retreat for boats where they spend a month getting pampered with a few touch ups, a bit of elbow grease here & there, a massage, a wax, an internal endoscopy, all their tubes tied up & made to look sparkly & an enema! 4-6 weeks later, one brand new sparkly boat! Welcome back Banzai & not a bad start to the year with another Whaleshark sighting at Chumphon Pinnacle this morning.

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