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Women in Tech Diving

19 Jan 2017 ="post-tag" > Written by  ="post-tag" >

bbt300x225Women in tech diving HAHA who would think that ‘US’ women could go deeper / go longer and do all the macho stuff ‘men’ do in technical diving? Women carrying two tanks and running deco procedures.. back in the day it would have never been heard of let alone executed; so I thought I would let you ‘WOMEN’ know that tech diving isn’t a man’s world anymore and the idea of women in technical diving should be re-evaluated and considered a true threat to men thinking they have an entire industry area to themselves, lets totally remove any stigma remaining.

Of course when you go fun diving or getting qualified for your open water etc. you see a 1:1 ratio of men to women but it’s a very different situation when it comes to tech diving! Still to this day only have a handful of female tech instructors which I think is a huge shame, but rest assured the numbers are on the rise; We will soon have our own female Tech Divemasters at Big Blue.

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