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TAO FESTIVAL 28, 29 AND 30th

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taofestival line upThis month Koh Tao will host its first Tao Festival. 3 days and nights of fun and frolics at 2 different venues. The Tao Festival runs March 28th, 29th, 30th.

The Tao Festival mixes music from Thailand & Myanmar’s best Indy Bands to abstract Hip-Hop, Electro and House. Dance, performance, visual art, mapping and graffiti while placing the environment at the centre of its concerns. Three days and three nights of celebration for one single cause: the protection of the environment. To be more efficient and in order to rally as many people as possible to its cause.

The sites of the festival are all designed to be environmentally sustainable, with 60 compost toilets at the main venue, the festival will only allow use of biodegradable disposables or re-usable cups and plates on stalls. For instance, snacks will be served in plates made of banana leaves, with biodegradable cutlery and glasses. We want NO plastic whatsoever to be brought on site.

The night site buildings will remain standing and will be turned into the Ocean School for the rest of the year. This responsible eco village will provide workshops and school intervention to educate both locals and tourist alike.

Tickets are available from Big Blue and also opposite the big 7-11 in Sairee.


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