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Rebreathing with a Whaleshark

03 May 2017 ="post-tag" > Written by  ="post-tag" >

andytech300x225So how deep do Whalesharks dive to? Apparently they've been recorded to reach depths over 600 meters. This is a shot of our Big Blue Tech Manager Andy diving on a Rebreather at a depth nowhere near 600 meters but way deeper than most of us will ever dive to at around a depth of about 50 meters. You will notice as well that Andy is trying out our new shop rebreather which is a system that recycles the air you exhale so you can inhale it again which not only means you can stay down for longer but also means that the closed circuit menas theres no bubbles meaning without the Darth Vader sound effects you get when normal scuba Diving youre silent underwater which means you can actually get closer to fish cos you aint scaring them. The best way to see the fish is to actually be a fish!

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