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Sun's Out, Regs In!

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Finally it seems monsoon season has finally passed, and the skies are blue again here on Koh Tao. There was a big yellow ball of fire in the sky today (the Sun, I believe, unknown to us English) and the puddles are retreating faster than Neil’s hairline – though I’m not actually sure there is any hair now, just dust and cobwebs.
Even without a whaleshark we’re always blessed with a large amount of incredible marine life, from the tiny nudibranch to the giant groupers that like to lurk on our deeper divesites. The corals are all looking pretty healthy right now, and our divers are coming back from their trips with smiles plastered all over their faces on a regular basis. We have been lucky enough to share our favourite local site “Chumphon Pinnacle’ with a barracuda the size of a surfboard for a few weeks now, with teeth pointing in all sorts of weird directions – it could eat an apple through a bloody letterbox! This ugly brute of a fish even makes Phil appear good looking, which is no mean feat as he looks rather like a gargoyle that got stung by some bees.

So, gearing up to what promises to be another busy Christmas and New Year here on Koh Tao, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. There may not be snow, and I’m not sure Santa will make it to all the girls and boys (we’ve all been a bit naughty) but to see those blue skies and spectacular sunsets we seem to get every night now…well it’s an opportunity not to be missed on your travels around Thailand.

In case Santa is reading, a few of our team have been writing their wish-lists for the presents they’re hoping to receive in their stockings:

Steveo Taylor, manager extraordinaire and Big Blue’s most spherical man, is after new suspension for his bike (again) and a pint glass of sherry.

Simon ‘Simo’ Garrity says he wants peace to all men (or a piece of all men?) but being from Liverpool we know he really means a bag of crack and a jazz-mag.

P’Tia, our hardest working taxi driver, wants a day off. He won’t get it.

Moe, Burmese legend and our equipment specialist, refused to answer as he was asleep on a bag of regulators with a cat perched on his lip.

Stefano, the dreadlocked Italian, said something in such a ridiculous accent I immediately forgot it, and he sidled off to listen to his Bob Marley LPs. Please Lord bring him a haircut.

Angel, Catalan divemaster and Marlboro man’s apprentice just coughed, and muttered something about ‘bloody Madrid’.

So Santa, if you’re reading this, we promise we’ve all been good (compared to say, Hitler) and if you can bring us a few more months of great weather we’ll all be more than happy!


Big Blue

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