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Hello, and welcome to 2018 to those of you with so little else to do that you're reading this! It seems that the recent blogs expunged from my body have been a little controversial with the management here at Big Blue (as they were all lies) and I'm being encouraged to write something more factual, and less just a load of crap that I make up after a few beers. As pretty much the only things that ever happen on this island are diving, drinking, crashing scooters and kissing/cuddling, this lame attempt will be about one of the huge, majestic creatures we sometimes see on our deeper divesites. No, it's not Gus, and Steveo doesn't dive anymore as he doesn't have the time with his 'What did you eat?' survey commitments - it is in fact the brydes whale, which we were lucky enough to have the other day on everyone's favourite local divesite, Chumphon Pinnacle.

They were stupidly named after Johan Bryde, a Norwegian arse-hat who was famous for setting up whaling ports in the olden days- which is kind of like naming a Jew 'Adolf' - and they can be found swimming throughout the tropical/subtropical climates of the world. Seen around Koh Tao about as often as SJ has a shower (very rarely) they can reach sizes of up to 16 metres, and are classed as small to medium sized baleen whales -now if this is small to medium then I'll be saying farewell to my diet and hello to sugar sandwiches again.

Another quite interesting fact (thank you Lord Google) is that the pronunciation of the name bryde's is not, as is generally thought, the same as bride — a woman on her wedding day — but rather, BROO-dus! Now in all the years i've been diving I've never heard a single person use this pronunciation, so if you want to be a smart-arse head this way and annoy all the divers here.

Their babies (calves) are about 3 metres long at birth and weigh about almost 1000 kilos, or about the same weight as Barman Supa's dinner. Adult female bryde’s whales average about 13 metres long and males average 12 metres, the extra metre on the girls used exclusively for nagging and shoe-shopping it has been recently proved (by me). Scientists are unsure what the average lifespan is for a bryde's whale, but my hypothesis is they're about as old as Neil Draycott's clothes and just as bald too, being almost totally hairless.

Finally, like the population is thought to be just 90,000 to 100,000 animals worldwide, which is around the same number of girls that returning hero, fanny-magnet and ex-BB instructor 'Handsome' Erik Spunkquist has 'kissed' this week, if kissing is done with a willy.

To have your chance to see one of these beauties or just simply to come and kiss Erik, then take the next flight out and come join us on our little paradise island while the sun's still out - oh, and did I mention there was 3 whaleshark sightings this week too!


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