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Trip Advisor has forsaken us, Long Live Google and Facebook Reviews!

Trip Advisor Rankings– So What Really Happened?

It’s now been a few weeks since the world’s most popular review site Trip Advisor went a little crazy, and changed the top secret algorithm they use to rank the listed businesses on their site to much wailing and gnashing of teeth to the poor unfortunate businesses that have been utilizing it for a while. The result of this change appeared to be that those with the most reviews had dropped quite dramatically in the rankings, and those businesses with a lot less reviews had shot up the ‘table’. We went from 4th position (our approximate position for a number of years in fact) to a disgusting 35th!

 At first, we were told there was a bug in the system, a glitch that was affecting everyone’s ranking and all would be fixed in a few days – annoying, but hey we know that things like this can happen…

Business owners affected the most immediately tried to get in touch with Trip Advisor to find out what is being done to rectify this problem, and they were fed a lot of very different information regarding the changes (mentioned in a previous blog) and patience seemed to be the order of the day, despite the negative effects of this sudden change. Surely all would return to normal soon, right?


In their infinite wisdom Trip Advisor, after days and days of angry calls, emails and messages from suffering businesses all around the world released this statement privately to the owners:


“Hi everyone,

I wanted to address the confusion around the ranking changes you may have seen recently. As part of our continual efforts to provide users with meaningful, relevant information when making travel decisions, we’re fine-tuning the way we calculate the Popularity Ranking for businesses on TripAdvisor.

As always, the rankings still take into account the quality, quantity and recency of reviews, but we have refined our algorithm in order to account for and better measure the consistency of a business’s performance over time. This will help to ensure that all businesses, large or small, have the same opportunities for exposure on TripAdvisor. These refinements were not undertaken lightly and were carefully designed and tested in order to improve our rankings algorithm.

These changes took effect for attractions on February 28th, 2018. They will go live for restaurants and accommodations on March 13th, 2018, and many of you may see your ranking in the Popularity Index change because of these updates.

We're very sorry for any frustration over the past couple of weeks, and I hope this helps explain some of the rationale behind the changes you may notice or have noticed in the ranking for your property.


TripAdvisor Staff”

So it was all in the grand plan after all, and the explanation seems quite reasonable too. So why are so many business managers up in arms about these changes?

Quite simply, the changes have punished those well-established businesses who have been listed the longest  and collected the most amount of reviews, and the businesses with less reviews (or older reviews) have risen like a phoenix from the flames, even though a lot of them have actually gone out of business – precisely what happened here on Koh Tao, with ‘Planet Scuba’ (closed their doors 2 years ago) and ‘Pimp My Dive’ (shut down last year) suddenly rising towards the top of the recommended list!  The algorithm is clearly now favouring new operators or those who have failed to collect many reviews over time, making a mockery of the rankings.

It’s clear to anyone with an ounce of sense that a shut-down business with no reviews for over a year shouldn’t really be receiving the hallowed Trip Advisor recommendation, but that’s exactly what’s happening. The public of course are kept completely in the dark about this, so of course many will no doubt be planning their free time based on these false rankings – it’s almost amusing to think of how this will all play out for Trip Advisor in the long-run, if it wasn’t affecting people’s livelihoods.

These changes will surely lead to people losing confidence in Trip Advisor, and with their share price already dropping it may not be too long before they go the same way as MySpace and Yahoo with their customers relying on other reviewing mediums like Facebook and Google – I know that we’re now pointing people that way since this ‘algorithm update’ by the Lords of the Advisor.

Is there anything else we can do other than tearing out our hair and despairing over how hard done by we’ve been after all these years of supporting Trip Advisor?

Waiting seems like the only option unfortunately, over time the reviewers will cotton on to the goings on, and our rightful place at the top of the pile will be ours once more – after all no matter where we find ourselves you can all be assured that we will continue to offer the same top quality diving here on Koh Tao for many years to come.

Long live the revolution!

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