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Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:35

March 6, 2013


All hail to our brand new boat the M.V.Porponawa. Our newest addition to the Big Blue fleet. Our fastest boat too. This litttle baby will get you to Chumphon Pinnacle in 20 minutes, Sail Rock in 45 minutes & we're hoping we'll be able to get to the Angthong Marine Park & the Chumphon Marine Park in less than 90 minutes. This baby is our latest attempt to attract the serious divers among you who want to experience the Dive Sites here in the Gulf of Thailand without the masses. The plan is to take her out for Full Day Trips 6 days per week! Fun Divers only! No courses! Its going to be Sail Rock three times a week, the wrecks once a week, Chumphon Marine Park once a week & the Angthong Marine Park once a week. Breakfast lunch & chocolate cake 6 days a week! Installing the compressors tomorrow & then its off we go! Koh Tao's best choice for certified Divers. Anyone fancy a trip to Sail Rock this Friday? We got cake!

“Choose Big Blue!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 2, 2013 - I will be forever grateful to big blue for allowing me to join a fun dive at the last minute. I arrived late in the evening to Koh Tao and only managed to walk into Big Blue at 7:30 pm, to inquire about the dive schedule the next day. There was a dive first thing in the morning to Chumpon, the site where whale sharks frequently visit. As a person whose dream it was to see a whale shark, i would have done anything to get on that boat. the thing was, I had gotten there too late and the dive briefing had closed, and for that reason I could obviously not come in at the last second. However, I begged them and they were kind enough to call their head instructor who was off shift, and ask him. He was good enough to allow me to join, even though he didnt have to. I appreciated that big time. And fate would have it that on that dive the next morning I did see a whale shark, which was an amazing moment, something i'll never forget. So yeah, big blue has all the generic things which you hear on dive reviews: professionalism, good equipment, great staff etc. but above all else they saw me as a person who really wanted to get on that dive, and not another client who represented only money for them. For that, dive with big blue. They deserve it 

In preparation for the meeting of leaders at the Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) on March 14th in Bangkok, The Koh Tao Shark Project is having a shark day! We will be unveiling our new shark nursery, where we intend to raise sharks and tag them before releasing them back into the Koh Tao waters, along with our new shark education centre at the Save Koh Tao office. We will also be conducting our next shark survey at Shark bay, but this month with a twist - we will have the usual snorkellers identifying and recording Blacktip and other reef shark populations at Shark Bay, but we will also have a team of divers looking for Bamboo Shark eggs to put into our new nursery! The nursery has now been constructed outside the Big Blue Conservation Ecolab, where they get constant protection and maintenance. Eggs and juveniles Bamboo sharks will be raised to a healthy size, tagged, and we will record the sex, size, health and any distinguishing features, then release these beauties back into our waters. This is all in a hope to protect and preserve our shark populations on Koh Tao, now that marine zoning laws mean they are more protected from fishing than before. Come down and visit our nursery, our join in our shark-tastic day later this month!! (Exact date TBC.)

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:34

March 7, 2013


 Just getting so many enquiries now for Sidemount courses. Its only been a few months since this has become popular among recreational divers but WOW. This is quite possibly Scuba Diving's Newest & Biggest buzz! Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. It began as a configuration popular with advanced cave divers, as smaller sections of cave can be penetrated and tanks can be changed with greater ease. The same benefits for operating in confined spaces were also recognized by divers who conducted technical wreck diving penetrations. Sidemount diving is now growing in popularity within the technical diving community for general decompression diving, and as I said is becoming an increasingly popular specialty training for recreational diving, with several diver certification agencies offering recreational and technical level sidemount training programs. Offerring it here at Big Blue Tech now! Sign up, sign in & lets sidemount!

“AWESOME!!! A big school with a family feeling”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 4, 2013 - After having compared with other schools on Koh Tao, you just can't get more for your money than at Big Blue. I did my open water diving course advanced open water with Petra Bauer an amazing instructor and probably the best at Big Blue. She was very patient and answered every single one of my questions and she knows I had many! We had a lot of fun and laughed a great deal. Finally I ended doing my advanced open water as well because I just did not want to leave. Gorgeous setup right by the beach with a nice restaurant (pizza to die for) and small cozy bar. Almost all the people working there used to be backpackers that fell in love with the place and just stayed. This gives you a idea how lovely all the people at Big Blue are. I loved it so much that I am thinking about moving there an do my dive master course!!! 

Dear Khun Wimol Jantrarotai, (Thailand Representative at the CITES Convention). I am taking the time to write to you having read in the papers that Thailand will be opposing the listing of sharks and rays as endangered species. I am a Business partner in a Dive Center here in Thailand with Dive centers on both sides of the country & having been diving in Thailand for over 10 years now I have seen the enormous reduction in sharks & mantas here in the Gulf of Thailand aswell as on the West coast of Thailand. There were days when we would encounter while scuba diving upto 20 Bull sharks, black tip reef sharks & grey nurse sharks. I haven't seen any of these for the past 3 years. Before 2000 when I dived in Koh Tao I would see many Leopard sharks at several of their most popular divesites. Leopard sharks have not been seen on any divesite around Koh Tao for more than 10 years now. In the similans prior to the tsunami we would regularly see upto 10 manta rays at various Divesites around the Similans & Surin Islands. Last year we saw 3 Mantas all season. This year, we have not even had 1 reported Manta ray sighting from anyone who has dived either the Similans or Surin Islands all season! To watch a species that was so rife on Divesites around Thailand literally disappear before our very eyes is extremely disconcerting, not only for the state of these magnificent creatures but for the state of the Scuba Diving industry as a whole here in Thailand. The revenue generated from diving with a Whaleshark or a Manta Ray has been quoted as being in excess of over 1 million dollars per year per creature! Surely the economic value in keeping these creatures alive & a valid attraction for coming to Thailand for tourism is a far better thing to do than to bring these creatures to the brink of extinction for the sake of an expensive bowl of soup! Do hope you will reconsider your position for the sake of all the sharks & mantas you have in your waters & for the sake of the Scuba Diving Industry in Thailand.

Yours sincerely,

Big Blue Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand.

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:33

March 10, 2013


 Follow Leo's example: "Experiencing the unique beauty of the underwater world as a diver inspires me to do what I can to protect our ocean and its inhabitants, particularly magnificent species like sharks and rays. Sharks and rays are being pulled out of the ocean at unprecedented levels. Each year tens of millions of sharks are killed to meet growing demand from Asia for “shark fin soup” often used in weddings and other special occasions. The meat of sharks and rays is also prized in Europe and, increasingly, the gills of manta rays are sought for a traditional Chinese health tonic. Believe it or not, this lucrative international trade remains virtually unregulated. Please join me and Project AWARE in our efforts to secure limits on shark and ray trade. We have an opportunity to turn the tide as officials from countries around the world convene in Bangkok for a conference of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). There, they can decide to protect a record number of shark and ray species – including oceanic white-tips, hammerheads, and mantas – from the unsustainable international trade that threatens their survival. Sharks and rays are simply not cut out for intense fishing pressure. Most species grow slowly and produce just a few young. The resulting population declines are widespread and in many cases severe. Depletion of these critical species threatens ecosystems, livelihoods, and eco-tourism. Take Action: Tell governments to vote ‘yes’ on proposals to control trade for these vulnerable species. Through Project AWARE’s petition, I’m calling on country delegates to list sharks and rays under CITES and hold international trade to sustainable levels. Join this growing voice of concerned citizens acting to protect these species before it’s too late. Thanks for your support. Leonardo DiCaprio"The vote to get protections for sharks and rays is tomorrow Monday the 11th of March 2013 Bangkok time!!! Not too late to still get the word out to those delegates that YOU want sharks and rays to get protected.

“Whaleshark!” -4 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 7, 2013 - It's all about this mystical big fish at Big Blue diving in Koh Tao. Luckily we saw one diving the pinnacles on dive 3. Not well aware of how lucky we were, we still enjoyed very much floating around under water just looking what this big fish is up to... We did our Open Water SSI certificate here and I can highly recommend anyone to do the same. There is not a lot of places on the world where you will get this quality of diving experience for that kind of money. Our diving instructor Ant2 was very good and patient with us. Speaking off the diving instructors, they are all living their dream on Koh Tao and everyone who's worried about their "qualification because it is Thailand", I can assure you that I've not had a second of doubts trusting any of them. Our dives 3 and 4 (so incluing the whaleshark experience) was filmed by Billy from ACE Marine and we bought the DVD of him. What a great peace of memory. I was thinking about doing my PADI in Cairns for roughly 900AUD, now I'm very happy I did it in Koh Tao for somewhat nearly a third of that price! Highly recommended. 

So the compressors have both been installed on Por Ponawa our new Full Day trip boat & we've also gone & installed a Nitrox panel as well! So its FREE nitrox to all our Fun divers on the Full Day Trip now. Obviously you must be a certified Nitrox diver which of course we offer as well. Tomorrow will be our maiden voyage. Breakfast Lunch & Chocolate Cake all the way to the Gulf of Thailands Number One Dive Site, Sail Rock, then wits Samran Pinnacle & Southwest Pinnacle after that! 3 Dives, 2 meals, 1 slice of chocolate cake & Free Nitrox all for just 3800 Bt. Absolute bargain! No wonder Big Blue Diving is referred to as Koh Tao's Best Dive Center.

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:31

March 11, 2013


Do you love Sharks? Do you want to show your support on the last. most important day of the Conference of CITES in Bangkok? Do you want to be involved with the Koh Tao Shark Project? Join us on MARCH 14th, when we will be launching the Koh Tao Shark Project! We will have a morning of information on how to monitor our sharks, about our shark nursery, about the education centre and tagging scheme for Koh Tao Reef Sharks, and also a chance to learn about the protocol for surveying our sharks on Koh Tao. The morning activities start at 9.30, come when ever you'd like, and if you want to join us on a shark survey expedition and shark egg hunt, then sign up with Big Blue before the day to secure your spot on the boat. The boat will leave around 1pm, and both snorkellers and divers are welcome. After this day, we will all have the same survey techniques available so you know how to survey the sharks at another time using identical protocols, and upload this data onto out Koh Tao Shark Survey public database!

“Incredible Experience”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor- March 3, 2013- I did my open water course with Big Blue not too long ago and cannot stop thinking about diving! Not only did Big Blue teach you everything you need to know to be comfortable under water but they took the time to make it an unforgettable experience! The instructors are hilarious and actually take the time to show you amazing things and make you fall in love with diving. Ask for little Ant- by far the best instructor there :D 

A word from Norway- "Gulfens tre "paradisøyer" I den thailandske gulfen ligger de vakre og veletablerte turistøyene Koh Samui, Koh Phangan og Koh Tao, alle med hvert sitt distinkte preg og karakter. Men én ting har de felles: fantastiske strender og fine bademuligheter. Båter går regelmessig mellom øyene, slik at man rekker over alle tre. De beste aktivitetene: Spennende fisk. På Koh Samui finnes et fint akvarium med en imponerende samling av fisker og sjøliv. Et besøk hit er moro for hele familien. Fest på skikkelig vis. På Koh Phangans sørlige odde arrangeres de beryktede fullmånefestene – som er mer beskjedne enn du kanskje tror. Fest i vei og dans til techno hele natten og til tidlig morgen, sammen med mange tusen andre. En morsom opplevelse. Ta dykkersertifikat. Koselige Koh Tao – skilpaddeøya - er blitt et eldorado for dykkerskoler. Hit kommer turister fra hele verden for å ta dykkersertifikat i løpet av tre til fem morsomme, men intense dager. Undervisningen foregår på flere språk – også norsk. Det finnes mange dykkerskoler, for eksempel Big Blue Diving!"

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:30

March 12, 2013


 Today is an incredible day! Manta rays have gained approval for placement under Appendix II of CITES!!!  96 votes in favor vs. 23 against. Only 7 abstains. We're over the moon! Thank you to everyone that has shown their support for the cause! Today is a historical day for not only manta ray conservation, but the conservation of our oceans in general. However this is not the end. The decision could still be overturned at the plenary stage, so a final decision will have to wait until Thursday. In the mean time, please like, share, tweet, retweet to keep letting delegates know that you want sharks and mantas to be protected under CITES.

“Best dive school in Thailand”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 10, 2013 - Out of the 52 dive schools in Koh Tao choose Big Blue. It is by far the best experience you'll get with fantastic staff, a 'part of the family' feel on site and it's a company with excellent morals and values - for the environment, it's staff and customers. We completed our SSI Open Water and our SSI Advanced courses there and stayed on site for almost a week. We stayed in a twin room, which was clean and quiet. Rooms are basic - but there's so much to do you'll hardly be in them! Our instructor for the Open Water course was the wonderful Chloe, a funny, kind and very patient French lady. I was nervous to begin with but Chloe was excellent in helping to get over my fear and build my confidence, so much so that we went on to do the Advanced course and never looked back. You can request different instructors and I'd recommend Chloe to everyone! Staff at Big Blue are extremely welcoming, creating a relaxed, fun environment. There's a bar and restaurant overlooking the sea, with great views at sunset. The courses are extremely affordable, the equipment you need is included in the price and good quality and the teaching is top-rate. Lonely Planet describe it as the 'Goldilocks' of diving schools - not too big, not too small - and they're spot on. 
JOB OPPORTUNITY- Big Blue Diving Koh Tao is looking for a qualified Divemaster to join their Marine Conservation team. We are offering a full-time, Divemaster position, with a primary role in coordinating the scientific training of the Marine Conservation Interns and daily conservation activities on Big Blue Conservation projects. Basic salary with commission. Minimum contract 6 months.
Candidates must have:
• Divemaster qualification
• Own full scuba equipment
• Plans to stay on Koh Tao for at least a year
• Passion for marine biology and conservation
Preferred candidates will have:
• Background experience in marine biology or conservation
• Relevant degree in biology, marine biology or something similar
• Experience working as a Divemaster
For more information on duties, responsibilities, or to apply please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:28

March 14, 2013


2013-03-14Coming into low season in a couple of months so to celebrate we're offering a huge discount on our Villa & Studios for the months of May & June! Grab yourself either a 500 Bt discount PER NIGHT off our Double Bed Studios & Villas with swimming pool! Or take the lot 3 bedrooms with ensuite & 1 kitchen & swimming pool sleeps 7 for not 7000Bt per night but only 5500Bt throughout the months of May & June! Book now for you awesome accommodation discount!

“Best staff in the world”  Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 12, 2013 - Came to koh Tao to do an open water dive course as I had a mild interest, was met on the boat by Tor who was friendly an informative, he was the most professional of all the dive school touts looking for your business he knew lot about the school an sports as well as empathising with my terrific hangover an not pushing the hard sale.They gave us a free lift to the school where they gave us a in depth view to what they offer they also looked after our bags and gave us time to walk around and look at the competition, we ended up coming back quite quickly after realising the value and resources big blue had to offer far out stripped competition. After being settled in to our free private room and given the tour we were taken in to fill out paperwork and meet our instructors. Again all of the were friendly and professional and made sure everyone was at ease and knew what they were getting into. Accommodation was of a good quality and perfect location for bars restaurants the beach and most importantly diving! The one site bar an restaurant were great opening early and closing late to suit the timetable diving requires. We had two instructors both of which were amazing. Petra an Thelma were a great team made the experience fun ensured you felt safe at all times. They both had a knack for knowing when you needed encouragement and extra help and were more than happy to go out of there way to help, Thelma went out of her way for over an hour after work to enduldge my love of science and explain how it applied to scuba her knowledge was outstanding. She was just finishing her internship as an instructor but seemed fit perfectly in the crowd of experienced instructors an I was surprised to find out we were her first course as fully qualified instructor. She was confident and skilled with all aspects of the courses. I would be a mistake for big blue not to keep her when her internship ends. Petra our head instructor was amazing she was funny to be around and removed any sense of nervousness anyone felt, her constant feed back was exactly what I needed as someone new to the sport and made the impression that she genuinely intrested in your progression and love of the sport again going out of her way after work to explain aspects that we had questions about. Could not have asked for more from her. We ended up staying a lot longer than planned and doing our advanced course as the first few days were amazing, we did almost cause trouble as we refuse to have any other instructors teach us. They unsighted a love of the sport and I'm sure to come back again soon.

So we've made an executive decision & will be offering FREE NITROX on board our new Ponpanawa Full Day Trip boat every day it goes to Sail Rock. What an awesome deal this trip is. Targeted specifically at the Koh Tao certified diver market this boat will be diving 6 Full Day Trips every week. Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays its Sail Rock. Tuesdays we're off to the Angthong Marine Park & Thursdays its the very much unchartered Chumphon Marine Park. Saturdays its Tech Day with some very cool Deep Wrecks & then Sunday we're all off to Church! 3 dives, free Nitrox, breakfast, lunch & chocolate cake all for just 3800 Bt. Big Blue Diving. Thailands premier Dive Center.

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:26

March 15, 2013


And its with great sadness that we bid farewell to one of Koh Tao's longest serving Dive Instructors, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, an SSI Dive Control Specialist Trainer, an EFR Instructor Trainer & a DAN Oxygen Instructor Trainer Steve Read who very sadly herniated a disc in his spine last month & has now been told he cannot dive anymore. So sadly Steve has had to quit our team of Instructors & Divemaster Mentors and will be found still on Koh Tao working at one of the islands leading medical clinics. So tonight we will be holding a small party for Steve & hopefully raise a bit of cash to help Steve out with his astronomical medical bill coming his way. Tonights theme is a medical one so expect lots of girls in skimpy nurses outfits, lots of guys in skimpy nurses outfits, a few buckets & an awful lot of hangovers tomorrow. Cheers Steve for all your hard work over the years & don't forget to pop by & buy us a round next time you find yourself here at Big Blue. All the best mate.

“Good diving - Excellent atmosphere”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 13, 2013 - We Just finished a week on Ko Tao , staying at Big Blue 2 which is a bit more quiet than big blue 1 and dived nearly every day. You get a discount on accommodation when diving. Corinna did her Open Water with instructor Anke and was more than happy about the profund training and good instructor - you feel very well looked after which is extremely important when diving first time. It did lots of fun dives and enjoyed the good group atmosphere. Big Blue managed to grow big but still keep that familiar feeling you need among divers. Look out for John - crazy but lovely DJ-dive-master. For sure you will have fun and great dives! Thanks! 
The self proclaimed 'Best Divemaster in the World' was interviewed yesterday by ASEAN Tripper Magazine, an English magazine published & distributed in Bangkok with a readership of over 200,000 readers traveling the country every month. Celebrity stardom has gone straight to Stevens' head now so we've been left with no choice but to bring him down a peg or two by pointing out how much more rotund Steven has become in the last few weeks. In fact that when his girlfriend sent him a care package from England last month he couldn't even fit into his new Doraemon Boxer shorts! Luckily though Steven isn't able to eat chocolate anymore cos his false teeth keep coming out! Apparently when the magazine comes out next month they're going to have to print his article over a double page spread in order to fit his photo on! Eyes out for the April issue of ASEAN Tripper Magazine. The truth is out there! The world's Best Divemaster is a toothless chocolate addicted Asian equivalent of Mr. Blobby!
Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:25

March 17, 2013


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the launch of the Koh Tao Shark Project yesterday! This project is designed to understand more about our populations of sharks on Koh Tao and raise education and awareness to divers and visitors to Koh Tao on sharks biology, their importance, and the problems they face. Koh Tao has a variety of shark residents, from Whale sharks, Black tip reef Sharks and diminishing (almost to non-existence!) populations of Leopard and Bamboo sharks. A total of 58 divers joined the trip to Shark Island to hunt for Bamboo shark eggs for our new nursery tagging scheme, and Shark Bay for the first of many community led research trips to gather more information on our reef sharks. 16 divers were awarded with an SSI Shark Diver Certification too, which helped to raise more money to support this project and other shark protection schemes on Koh Tao and in Thailand. This project launch was on the same day the 7 species of sharks, including manta rays, were newly listed on CITES Appendix II for protection from international trade. This is great news, as now shark and ray populations around the world will receive the protection they deserve. Thanks everyone for joining, and if you would like a copy of the research tools or some slates to undertake your own shark snorkel survey trips, just ask!


“Great diving school” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 11, 2013 - We got her after a recommendation from a friend and the school was everything he told! Great, friendly staff. Small classes and very good material. The bar and restaurant are good fun and the rooms are cheap if you're diving! If you want to dive on Koh Tao, go to Big Blue!!

 Sail Rock Full Day Trip last Friday was an awesome day out. Thanks to all of you that made it such a massive success! Music, great food, great company, and three amazing dives, including a very special night dive at Shark Island, with cold beers waiting for you afterwards?! Yes please, I think we'll be doing more of these!

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:23

March 18, 2013

2013-03-18SSI Instructor Daisy Wicheloe, also known as Harriet but doesn't actually answer to that name, will be conducting the much in demand Digital Photography specialty course this week. Freeze time with an underwater camera and you tell a story that even nondivers can understand. Not only that, but you have a record and log of your adventures – more than the memories. Reliving a dive is as simple as looking at a photograph. Whether you’re a casual holiday snapper or a consummate photo pro, the SSI Underwater Photographer course teaches you the basics as they apply to taking photos underwater, with a special emphasis on practical techniques. And with a Professional photographer & Instructor of Daisy's calibre who can take this kind of shot you're in good hands!

 “Big Blue Dive was a dream come true”-  Reviewed on Trip Advisor- March 10, 2013- Big Blue Dive Center on Koh Tao island was a dive center that exceeded my expectations. I was highly impressed with their knowledgable staff and the hip and friendly atmosphere. I was looking for a dive center that very much empowered their divers to keep learning and that is exactly how I felt after completing my Adv Open Water with Jen, she was a fantastic and knowledgable dive instructor. I worked on a underwater clean up project for both the beach and the ocean. I also purchased my first shark skin which I treasure!! I was a solo traveler and really felt comfortable and found the dive center to be helpful in all aspects of my adventure. I can't wait to return to Koh Tao for my Deep Sea and Ship Wreck courses in the near future! Best of luck to them on all of their projects they have going on with cleaning up the waters and restoring the diving areas! Always the Best, Alexandra Petrin. 

Thanks to everyone who dressed up & came to Steve Read's Charity do. Together we raised over 50000 Bt in the bar with auctions, fancy dress & of course the fin slapping competition, & the bar gave a tremendous 15000 Bt on top so all in all Steve now has a very healthy deposit to put towards his back op! Well at least he might be able to pay for half a replacement disc! A very memorable night with lots of but slapping & of course who can for get the sight of SSI Instructor Trainer Simon Garrity dancing up on stage in nothing but his mankini & a wig!  And Jess & jens tremendous wipeout from the stage landing on top of an unsuspecting couple in full pash! Great night. lets do it again! What are we all doing next Friday?

Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:22

March 19, 2013


 We have a celebrity in our midst without even knowing about it. John Huntington, known worldwide for his many brands. Some of the brands John has created either by himself or with partners are, Pimp n Ho, Rubber, Summer of Love, One night stand, Levi's Mammoth Mountain Concert Series, World fighting alliance, Hart and Huntington, Huntington ink, Inked on A and E and more. He has thrown 6 of the largest 21 and over parties in the HISTORY of the US. He has sold out the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas 4 times, and the Orleans Arena twice. His shows have been featured on the TV show Wild on E! Locking down the number 3 spot on E's "Wildest Parties" edition, ranking 3rd in the world behind Mardi gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio. Channel 11 news did a story on John at this time and is was quickly nominated for a prized Emmy Award. Very cool, very humble, awesome character John is handling the transition to international stardom, big breasted groupies & financial riches here at Big Blue very respectably!

“Great people, great diving, and a great time!” -5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 9, 2013 - I had an amazing time diving with big blue. It's priced really well. I got certified in open water diving and the instructors were amazing and I learned alot and feel immensely comfortable in the water now! The accommodations were fantastic and well worth the extra 200 baht a night. Couldn't recommend Big Blue Diving enough it was a fantastic time! 

The staff are all putting on their make up, spraying on their fake tans, combing their side partings & adorning their finest T-shirt & shorts clobber they have hanging in their wardrobes for this years Dive Staff photo. Jim likes us to get all dolled up at least once a year in our Dive Crew T-shirts & strike a pose whenever we have Professional photographers around & this year we are using New York Cinematic Director yet to make a name for himself but on the brink of Stardom & ex Big Blue Instructor Tim Klein at the lens! So smile everyone! Just picture that image you have of SSI Instructor SSImon Garrity dancing on the bar in his Mankini last Friday! Say Cheeses.

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