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Shark Guardians Coming to Koh Tao


Shark Conservation Presentation
shark-guardianKeep your diary free if you think you will be on Koh Tao on the 28th June, as we have some shark experts coming over to give a talk on shark conservation. The talk will be given by Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing, who are professional scuba divers and also shark divers and researchers.
They work for an organisation called Shark Guardian, which is dedicated to the conservation of sharks through education, promotion of research, and protection and sustainibility of marine ecosystems. The shark guardian presentation is designed for people of all ages to highlight the plight of sharks and reinforce how vital they are to a healthy marine ecosystem.
You will learn a lot from their presentation, even if you already know a fair bit about the subject area. You'll also be inspired by their passion for sharks to do all you can to help them and raise awareness. The presentation will take place at 7pm at Choppers bar in Sairee.

Why Sharks?
So why are sharks important in the oceans? After all, the media would have everyone believe that they are just mindless killers, and that it would be great if we got rid of them all.. Wrong! They have been around for 450 million years and are key to maintaining the right balance between predators and prey.
If all the sharks are gone, the population of the fish they eat would explode, meaning that any food lower down the food chain would dwindle, which, in turn would then reduce the populations of the very fish that were eating them. Before long the entire ocean habitat would be a ghost town, and on a large-scale, we would be looking at a lifeless dead ocean. Now isn't that a cheery thought!


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