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The secret to diving with Whalesharks!

nipples300x225Apparently if you rub your nipples hard enough & often enough a whaleshark will turn up! Big Blue Instructor Sonia Scott has been teaching this very important skill to all her students this week & low & behold look what happened in the end! 10 stiff nipples later & here comes our 30th Whaleshark in 30 days! Here's to stiff nipples & whalesharks!

Koh Tao's most famous wreck lies just 400meters off Sairee Beach

gun300x225At 48m long and 7m wide the HTMS Sattakut lies just off the Koh Tao Divesite of Hin PeeWee. Initially, it was ordered by the US Navy in 1944; it was then sold to the Royal Thai Navy... 2 years later! Scuttled in 2011 for diving purposes, it now lies straight up in 30m of water with the super structure accessible from 20m depth: so even Open Water divers can 'see' the wreck albeit not being allowed to get too close... and for Advanced Courses & Wreck Specs it makes the ideal underwater wreck!

If you're thinking about learning to dive or you want to know a bit more about what to expect in your certification course we've answered the most common questions here.

Box 2300x225If you're thinking about learning to dive or you want to know a bit more about what to expect in your certification course I've answered the most common questions here.
What is the Open Water course?

What is the Open Water course?

The Open Water course is the basic scuba diving certification course taught by all certification agencies. There are small differences in course content between agencies, but they all cover the same basic skills and knowledge you will need to know as an independent diver.
Who can enroll?

Children as young as 10 years old (12 years old in some countries) can enroll in the Junior Open Water course and those 15 years and older can enroll in the Open Water course. Junior Open Water certified divers are automatically upgraded to Open Water divers on their 15th birthday with no need for recertification.

You'll also need to be in good health with no major health problems.

What does the course qualify you to do?

When you're certified as an Open Water diver you'll be able to dive to 60 feet / 18 meters (40 feet / 12 meters for 10-12 year olds) whenever you're accompanied by a fellow of the same or higher certification level (the other diver must be 18 or older for Junior Open Water divers).

You don't have to be accompanied by a Divemaster or Instructor, but can be if you'd prefer. You're also eligible to do the Advanced Open Water course and many specialties.

How long does the course take?

The course is usually taught over 3 to 5 days in dive vacation destinations, but can also be taught over weeks or even months if taken as a part-time course. The course content is the same but the daily workload is much greater, although still quite manageable, on the shorter course.
What do I have to do to complete the course?

Knowledge Development

You will be given a text book and videos to watch and will either study independently in your own time, with the assistance of your instructor, or online with guided e-learning. You will learn the basics of diving techniques, how diving affects your body, diving safety, equipment selection and maintenance, dive planning, and preview the skills you'll learn in the water. There will be a test at the end but if you've studied your material you should have no problems passing.

Confined Water Training

Your confined water training will be conducted in a swimming pool. Beginning in water shallow enough to stand up in you'll learn all the basic skills you'll need to confidently and safely enjoy scuba diving. As you gain confidence you'll gradually move into deeper water and learn some more advanced skills and safety drills.

Open Water Training

This is what it's all about - open water diving. Over four or more dives you'll practice all the skills you've already mastered in confined water out in open water, which means the open ocean or another large body of water that is used for diving. You'll practice the skills with your instructor until you're completely confident and can perform them with ease in a real diving situation. Of course you'll also get to check out everything the underwater world has to offer and hopefully develop a life-long love for diving.

Do I have to renew my certification?

The Open Water certification is forever and never needs to be renewed. However, it is recommended that if you haven't dived for a while (usually a year or more) or feel the need to brush up your skills to do a Scuba Review. This review is a short refresher course with a professional that can be integrated into your first regular dive.

Saturday 26th November 2016

IMG 0260300x225Sail Rock. The No. 1 Dive site in the Gulf of Thailand came up trumps again today with 2 more Whalesharks there this morning. Don't think we have had a single guest this month who hasn't dived with a Whaleshark. But rather than boring everyone again with yet another photo of a Whaleshark here is a shot of a diver swimming through the vertical chimney at Sail Rock, one of the cooler things you will ever experience underwater... apart from diving with Whalesharks of course!

Big School of Batfish at Chumphon Pinnacle

batfish300x225Koh Tao there has many dive sites where different kinds of Bat Fish may be encountered. Unfortunately, these interesting fish are seasonal, staying in one place for up to a few months before moving somewhere else. For most divers and especially photographers swimming alongside a school of batfish is a striking experience and a great opportunity to take close up shots. Sometimes these curious fish may `buddy up` with a diver, coming close to look at you and investigate what you are before rejoining their own group & of course One of the best dive sites to encounter these big schools of Tall-fin batfish (Platax teira) hovering over the rocks is Koh Tao's No 1 Divesite Chumphon Pinnacle.

You won't beleive what this 21 year old girl from England has done for our seas and oceans.


It is always inspiring to see someone we taught at Big Blue Diving take their passion for the ocean to a new level. TranslucenSea was founded by Georgie Brown, a 21-year-old girl from England with a passion for our seas and oceans. She set out to start a straight-talking clothing company that helps clean up our oceans, with clothing that is about more than just looking good. All of TranslucenSea’s clothes are made from recycled cotton, recycled polyester blend or 100% organic cotton. We love you Georgia Brown for starting this amazing company and we are all very proud of your efforts. www.translucensea.com

Planting another artificial reef on Koh Tao


So another great day working alongside the Coral Gardeners, to establish a new artificial reef. the more artificail structures we can put in the sea hopefully the quicker marine critters will move in & soon it will become a man made artificial reef, hopefully releiving other Divesites around Koh Tao of the pressures of over diving. Coming together once again as a community for the oceans. Great work everyone.

ECO Day - Think Globally. Act Locally.

BBC300x225What a great day of working together, Big Blue Diving, joined the local dive schools to be a part of Eco day, Get Involved Koh Tao Project.
A day filled with Environmental lectures, artificial reef building, clean up diving, and Drupella snail collection. Followed by a joint party, to celebrate together all our success. Thank you Rachel, our in house Marine Biologist, from Big Blue Conservation, & to everyone that took part in that great day. Remember Think Globally. Act Locally.

Legendary Freediver Enzo Maiorca passes away

enzo300x225Gutted to hear renowned freediver Enzo Maiorca, whose rivalry with Frenchman Jacques Mayol was immortalised in the Luc Besson film "The Big Blue", has died in Sicily. The Movie was actually the inspiration behind the naming of our Dive Center way back in 1991. And one of our Diveboats is actually named after Enzo himself. Legendary Film, legendary boat & legendary Dive Center, legendary person. Rest in Peace Enzo.

Now Christmas is over lets go do some diving!

shopgirls300x225So that went well. Merry Christmas, hope everybody had a wonderful holiday. We certainly did. Congratulations to everyone singled out this year at the staff party with special mention to Ernesto who won our Best Instructor award aswell as our Instructors Choice. A double whammy. And to Steveo for his Employee of the Year award! Twas a great night a great turn out, great food & a great atmosphere a lot of dancing and reckon will take some beating next year! Congratulations also to all those who dived with a Whaleshark this Christmas weekend. Very happy we were able to facilitate with that for you. Thanks to 2 of our Top Chef Instructors for cooking up a fab Christmas Dinner for 100 people on a beautiful sunny day here in the Gulf of Thailand. Now the party’s over for a few days at least so it’s back to work. Diving today Chumphon & Green Rock. Whalesharks & triggerfish. Coming?

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