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TAO FESTIVAL 28, 29 AND 30th

taofestival line upThis month Koh Tao will host its first Tao Festival. 3 days and nights of fun and frolics at 2 different venues. The Tao Festival runs March 28th, 29th, 30th.

The Tao Festival mixes music from Thailand & Myanmar’s best Indy Bands to abstract Hip-Hop, Electro and House. Dance, performance, visual art, mapping and graffiti while placing the environment at the centre of its concerns. Three days and three nights of celebration for one single cause: the protection of the environment. To be more efficient and in order to rally as many people as possible to its cause.

The sites of the festival are all designed to be environmentally sustainable, with 60 compost toilets at the main venue, the festival will only allow use of biodegradable disposables or re-usable cups and plates on stalls. For instance, snacks will be served in plates made of banana leaves, with biodegradable cutlery and glasses. We want NO plastic whatsoever to be brought on site.

The night site buildings will remain standing and will be turned into the Ocean School for the rest of the year. This responsible eco village will provide workshops and school intervention to educate both locals and tourist alike.

Tickets are available from Big Blue and also opposite the big 7-11 in Sairee.


60 years diving, will you be diving when you are in your 80s?


Its not everyday we have someone come to Big Blue who can claim to have more years diving experience than most of our instructors put together, and started before most of us were born.

Ernest Smith AKA Smoothy is 81 years old and has been diving for 60 years.

Smoothy joined the Royal Navy back in 1956 when he was 15 years old by the time he was 21 he was a shallow water diver and a rebreather diver. Back then being a Ships Diver meant that you were tied to the ship via a rope and the signals were used by giving tugs on the rope to the support on the surface, following that he became a Free Swimmer which is more recognizable to us these days as it now meant being off an attached line and diving with a buddy. After another 15 years serving in the Royal Navy he left to join the Metropolitan Police.

During his time in the Police he drove the police boats on the Thames River for 2 years and then joined the Underwater Search Unit (USU). Being a HSC Diving Supervisor, he was responsible for the crews doing the searches, which often involved recovering weapons and a fair few number of bodies. During this time he began training the young Navy Cadets starting as young as 12 years old.

He even set up the first Diving Section with the Cadets and has gone on to open many of the Sea Cadet Training Centre’s in The UK. After ‘officially’ retiring from the police 30 years later he is still found in the pools helping with training sessions with the kids.

Nowadays his diving is more for fun and in warmer climates. Smoothy has been coming to Koh Tao now for 10 years to enjoy some clearer warm water diving. Smoothy did most of his diving with Master Divers diving from the MV Trident and then on it when the owners sank it. Over recent years he has been propping up the Big Blue Bar telling tales to wide eyed eager instructors, who would crowd round to listen.

Smoothy has become somewhat of a legend around here, and we were very sad to hear that this will be his last trip out to Thailand and is having to hang up his mask and regs (sadly due to reasons out of his control….his wife). Koh Tao itself has lost a few popular names over the years and it was a trip to say goodbye and it was an emotional one. I am one of the lucky ones who got to dive with you. Thank you Smoothy. From diving with my youngest diver Jake who is aged 9 and Smoothy who is 81 last week, was one I will never forget.

Thailand is mourning the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Friday 14th October 2016

This great Country that so many people from all over the world calls home is grieving. The people of Thailand are mourning the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-reigning monarch, who sadly died yesterday aged 88.

It is difficult to put into words as someone not actually Thai how much of an impact this has on people.

Everywhere you turn there are pictures of The King hanging, in houses, in shops, in restaurants, in banks, along the road side, on boats, in taxis, in tuk-tuks. You even know you are an honorary Thai when you go to the cinema and you make sure the tourists stand up as a sign of respect for the Royal Anthem, and when you stand still in the street when you here the National Anthem play in the morning and evening. Brightly coloured flags of yellow and blue fly everyday, not just on special occasions but everyday. As everyday is special when it comes to the love and admiration that the Thai people have for their beloved King.

In all 70 years as the King of Thailand, the King had never live a luxurious life as he could do. Every day, as long as people can remember, he had worked long days and long nights to help his people.

He traveled to all the remote areas in Thailand. Places that even many do not dare to go. As a trained engineer he went map and pencil in his hands, creating thousands of his Royal projects to help his people with water project, agricultural, healthcare and so many other things more than we can think about.

His palace, unlike any palace in this world, is the testing ground for new agricultural concept aim to improve people’s living. Many of these concepts had been implemented all over the country.

Thai people love him not because he is the King of Thailand but because what he has done. The King, the ordinary man who had been working to help all his life and never asked for anything in return.

With respect, the government have asked that people are to avoid “festivities” for 30 days of mourning. They have also asked for people behave respectfully and “wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public”.

Please check ahead of time for any closure of embassies or Immigration offices and transportation services.

This month’s Full Moon Party has been cancelled.

May he now be Resting In Peace and watching down over everyone.

Wecome Back Jim and Isla Donaldson

Sunday 9th October 2016isla

If you haven't booked your accommodation over Christmas & New Year yet then I would highly recommend you shake a leg & get your plans into action! The island is fills up extremely fast for the Festive season and if last years Christmas Season was anything to go by there could well be a few disappointments this year. So chop chop and get you holidays booked.

We have said a few goodbyes in the last few weeks to some of our Divemasters and Instructors, some are off back home for a few months and some are off on new adventures around the globe. The Big Blue family is spread all around the world these days and some are even popping out babies. 2 of our Instructors from about 5 years ago Rick and Fanette have just given birth to their first baby. Rick was the Manager of our Khao Lak branch. Congratulations.

We also have some very happy news in the form of a very brave little girl that has won her battle of Leukemia. Isla Donaldson who is the Big Boss man Jims own warrior princess has finally been allowed to leave Bangkok and come back home to Koh Samui. In a very emotional meeting at the airport, Isla has been back playing on the beach with her friends and family and getting back into the swing of having a normal life as a 3 year old kid again. With no tubes or treatments and nasty tasting medication to take. The good news is that Jim is also going to be back at work soon after being away for so long I’m sure the first night in the bar will be very welcome and a few people will be booking the next day off work to nurse a sore head. He will sure be looking forward to being reunited with his doggy Sunshine. Poor Sunny was involved in a hit a run a while back and told she may never walk again, but carrying on with the Donaldson spirit she has made a full recovery with the help and patience of Wayne and Jerrod up in the Big Blue Movies Department, she has lost some weight and is now running up and down the beach with a large coconut in tow. Daddy is coming Sunshine!!!

3 Whalesharks at Sail Rock!


Whalesharks are still being spotted all over the place, with 2 or 3 spotted today at Sail Rock.
We would like to give them a little time to gather their thoughts so this Monday, 28th November, we're planning on heading out for 2 dives at Sail Rock followed by a 3rd dive at the HTMS Sattakut Wreck. Come join us for just 3800 baht!
If you like, you can also combine this trip with your advanced adventure certification, deep specialty and nitrox courses for a small extra charge!
Latest sign up will be tomorrow by 4:30pm on the 26th.

Dive Instructor Training Course starting today. Want to join in?


Starting another 2 week Instructor Development Course with our very own in house SSI Instructor Trainer Iain Goodfellow. Seems to me in this increasingly crazy world we live in that quitting your job, selling your house, living on a tropical island & getting a job in a pair of boardies is the only sane decision. "Book a ticket get a visa pack abag & it just happens". Big Blue Diving, changing lives for the better for 25 years.

Diving with Whalesharks every day this month so far!


Just can't stop bumping into Whalesharks around Koh Tao this month. We're on an average of 1 a day for the whole month so far for November. So many of them we almost missed this Jellyfish at Chumphon Pinnacle! Bloody selfish these whalesharks.

Scuba Diving with Whalesharks


We're on a roll. Seems to me everywhere we go diving of late a Whaleshark turns up! Got some very happy customers at Big Blue today after everyone on our diveboats yesterday got to dive with a Whaleshark.

Celebrating 25 years Big Blue Diving- Making dreams come true since 1991.

Enzo is back from the boat yard


Very happy to have M.V. Enzo back from the ship yard. Once every year we will send all our boats off to the yard for about a month to have what can really only be called a health check & a beauty scrub. We check the engines, the pumps, the compressors, the generators, the rudder & all the little bits & pieces in between. Once all that has been taken care of we will then strip the boat of its existing layer of paint & then repaint the whole boat & make any cosmetic repairs that need to be made. The whole job takes about 4 weeks from beginning to end & then by the time the boat gets back to Koh Tao it’s like looking at a brand new toy. Welcome back Enzo. We have really missed you.

A true Big Blue legend...


Celebrating 10 years of working at Big Blue Diving...
The legend that is Mr. Simon Garrity! He has actually worked for Big Blue for longer than 10 years but his year or so slumped over the bar half naked at stupid o'Clock in the morning as the self proclaimed Bar Manager is a period he can't actually remember & none of the rest of us were even here for! So the man was a Big Blue legend before he'd even properly worked in the diveshop.
Now bearing the weight of so many countless certifications behind him, Simon can confidently call himself the worlds most experienced SSI Instructor & Instructor Trainer & is an SSI Instructor Examiner as well as the leading Instructor for the highest amount of Recreational Certifications for not just Big Blue Diving, but also for the whole of SSI worldwide. Thats got to make him therefore one of the most experienced Scuba Diving Educators in the world. The Lionel Messi if you like of the football world... and Big Blue Diving... his Barcelona!

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