August (15)

7 Newly certified SSI Scuba Instructors

Congratulations to our in House Instructor Trainers Simon Garrity & Paul 'Tosh' Tanner for maintaining their 100% record when it comes to new Scuba Diving Instructors! 7 SSI Instructor candidates & 7 brand new fully certified SSI Instructors today! And apparently every single Instructor they have ever certified is actually still working in the Dive business which means that not only are these candidates happy with their career choices but that all of them have been able to get work in Diving! Says alot about SSI. The fastest growing Scuba organisation in the world with jobs available in almost every country you can imagine. Sun, sea, scuba, Best job in the World? You bet your ass!

One of the Best Experiences of my Life

“Best Diving Experience”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 29, 2013 - A friend and I didn't have a diving course booked when we arrived in Koh Tao but we saw great reviews so we thought we'd give Big Blue a go. Arrived at 4pm and were signed up for the 5pm Open Water certification that day. I can say that this was one of the best experiences of my life. Our instructor Guy was FANTASTIC! After the four dives we had time to spare and were excited to take on the Advance certification over the next two days (5 specialised dives to be certified in). The Open Water was great but it was just a taste of what you can see & explore on the Advance course. I would recommend it to anyone if you have the time. Overall an awesome experience at Big Blue diving and very professional. 

Thailands Most Popular Tourist Island

A picture postcard beach on one of Thailand's most popular tourist islands is now the focus of frantic efforts to staunch a tide of oil sweeping ashore. Where pleasure seekers would normally relax on pristine white sand, sandwiched between two lush green headlands, now white-coated cleanup crew smeared with crude  oil from the shallow waters. Goblets of oil lie along the beach, a thin sheen covers much of the wet sand and oil-drenched booms lie like giant black snakes along the shoreline. The sea is a rust red color and the odor of fuel hangs heavy in the air. Not even a brisk onshore wind can keep the smell away. For the past four days crude has been washing up here and cleanup crews have been dealing with it the best way they can - pumping it into holding tanks, containing it with booms, even mopping it up with absorbent pads. Ao Prao beach on the island of Koh Samet is the main impact zone of the 50,000 liters of oil spilled during a faulty transfer operation between a tanker and a seabed pipeline on Saturday. About 600 soldiers, volunteers and workers from PTT Global Chemical, the partially state-owned oil giant that has claimed responsibility for the spill, are involved in the cleanup. A PTT spokesman says that 70% of the oil has been dealt with. The remaining crude will be "90% clear by Friday or Sunday at the latest.