November (1)

Friday 27th Novembernovember whalshark


Again sorry that the blog hasn't been updated for a few weeks I have been on holiday, but I'm back and there is a lot to catch up let's get started.

Firstly the waters around Koh Tao right now have been full of Whalesharks. They have been hanging around Chumphon Pinnacle and Southwest for the last week or so, with many very lucky Open Water students on their 3rd ever dive have had there first ever siting of these magestic beauties. Even some of our staff member have had their Whaleshark cherry popped. Our videographer Alex who has been working here for over 5 months has managed to miss them each time, but this time finally kept his eyes open and managed to get some footage of the big fish. We were even having to wait for it to swim past the back of the boat just so we could jump into the water. Even Captain Boy from Enzo jumped in to dive with it as is just kept circling the boat.

This time of year is our monsoon season, we have been lucky so far that we haven't had that much rain (oh bugger... I have just jinxed it, it will rain all week now) while your on holiday the best place to be in the rain is underwater, so don't let the rain put you off, your going to get wet anyway! And with the biggest fish in the ocean hanging around what better place is there to be than playing with that. But I will say when the sun is out its bloody hot!

Our boat Enzo went off for its yearly paint, the old red and grey boat now matches the rest of our blue and white fleet, and it looks lovely. It has also had a few alterations downstairs as well and looks lovely. Now Enzo is back Waverunner has now gone for it's make over ready for our Christmas period after monsoon. Yey