August (2)

Tuesday 23rd August 2016junioropenwaterdiver

Another successful Swim for Sharks this year. Our very own Nick Bufton came first in the men’s section, narrowly being pipped as overall winner by a girl, but we won’t hold that against him! Simon Garrity came in 10th. It was not an easy swim this year big waves and a huge rainstorm made it very difficult for the swimmers. Swimming caps off to them all. Well done guys and for everyone else who participated in the swim, the shark fin head shaving, the Shark Guardian Team where here again selling many t-shirts, vests and sweatshirt all for a fantastic cause.

August is nearly over and soon the kids will be back at school, so if you are still in Thailand and you have the kids with you bring them along and they can do their Junior Open Water Course. The minimum age for the certification is 10 years old and they are able to dive to 12 metres and once they turn 12 they are then able to dive to 18 metres, which is the normal depth limit for an Open Water certification. The course covers exactly the same as the usual course, but still being at school and having brains that are sponges, the theory is super easy for them. All we ask is that they are able to swim 200 metres and can float or tread water for 10 minutes.

Introducing younger divers to the underwater environment will give them a greater understanding of the impact we are having on the oceans and how important it is to respect our seas. It also helps to quash the misconception the media has put into our minds about sharks, movies like Jaws, Sharknado and The Shallows don’t do the poor creatures much justice. Even Shark Week has slowly turned into “when sharks attack!” instead of explaining why this may be happening. Lack of natural food sources caused by over fishing and the disgusting shark fin black market are making them even more vulnerable than ever, and without these apex predators our seas will die, which in turn means we die.


Wednesday 10th August 2016engaged

We have a funny story for you today, it was too good not to share.

Once upon a time on a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand one of our instructors Reiss was taking a group of divers on a one day Try Scuba Dive, this group consisted of a couple Mike and Kim, and also another lady call Jessica. Mike had mentioned to Reiss that he wanted to pop the question to his girlfriend Kim while diving. Reiss was more than accommodating and was all ready to helping with the romantic gesture. ‘Will You Marry Me?’ was written on a slate and Mike had the ring all ready. Reiss found the perfect spot to kneel everybody down and gave Mike the nod to do his thing. The scene was set, down on one knee he showed the slate then the ring, to her delight she said yes!! But wait, hang on a minute my girlfriend has wearing nail polish on today, oh no! Jessica was delighted to be asked, Kim however was a bit confused! Awkward just a bit, funny hell yes. Luckily Kim saw the funny side and had Mike ask again! Jessica even gave him the ring back so he could give it to the proposed fiancé. Matching wetsuits, matching masks and snorkels it can be easy to get mixed up! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Mike and Kim who are now successfully engaged. Now that is a story for the groom’s speech!

We also had a celebrity’s daughter learning to dive with us, Carlie Huthart. After a lot of digging and questions she finally dropped her Mums name and we were then in awe. Those British people who read this and are over 20 may remember the Saturday night TV show Gladiators, where athletic competitors took on the Gladiators in various physical games. The Winner in 1994 was a Scouser called Eunice Huthart, and was very famous for her win back in the day. She even went on to BE a Gladiator called Blaze. Eunice became a stunt woman and has been working with Angelina Jolie for years, including Mr and Mrs Smith, Salt, Malificent and a number of other films. Pretty cool hey!