November (17)


Turtles like all marine reptiles need to come up for air in order to survive, so to be able to rest for the night. They slip in to a deep meditative sleep, slowing their heart rate to just 1 beat every 9 minutes. This means suddenly coming awake from light disturbance can be deadly, they would go into shock, and might not reach the surface in order to take a breath. So please be responsible when night diving on your Advanced Course around Koh Tao's sleeping Turtles.



enzo300x225Gutted to hear renowned freediver Enzo Maiorca, whose rivalry with Frenchman Jacques Mayol was immortalised in the Luc Besson film "The Big Blue", has died in Sicily. The Movie was actually the inspiration behind the naming of our Dive Center way back in 1991. And one of our Diveboats is actually named after Enzo himself. Legendary Film, legendary boat & legendary Dive Center, legendary person. Rest in Peace Enzo.


Monday 14th November 2016america doomedcropped

Welcome back everybody sorry for the gap, out of respect of the Thai King.

What a month we have had! Where to begin, well that’s easy Whale sharks, Whalesharks and more Whalesharks. We have had an amazing 2 weeks of sightings and they have been everywhere! We’ve had a few days of heavy rain but the prospect of seeing these beauties kept the boats full. What better place to be when it is raining than diving in amazing conditions with one of the biggest fish in the sea.

What else happened, well to our American colleagues and all of our American ex-students and to the majority of all Americans. Wow and Wow! But not to worry the diving industry just happens to be the best in the world. So before he presses the red button, Canada and Mexico build walls to keep you all out, and before all the women in the country become hand puppets (I can’t mention the word beginning with Pussy) why not sell everything, get out now and just move here to become diving professionals. What better option, seeing as he doesn’t even believe in Climate change and the importance of our actions, better come and see them while the fish and corals are still here.

Also, while we are on the subject of climate change there are a few documentaries to add to your list of things to watch. First of allis the BBCs new Planet Earth Part 2. Filmed 10 years after the first series the documentary highlights how dramatically different these habitats have become. Second should be Before The Flood. Yes Leo probably has a few flashy cars, has a yacht and flies in private jets, but the importance of his message is real and makes for a very interesting watch.